Support Handmade :: September 2014

Support Handmade :: September 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the members of our Support Handmade program. At Wee Folk Art we cherish the work that small, handmade shop owners provide. We believe that items created with love do make a difference in the lives of the people they touch. We invite you to take a moment and browse theses shops. We are sure you will find something magical. To find out how your shop can become involved in our Support Handmade program click here.


Woolies ~ Sara

Woolies combines my passion for knitting and my love of animals. Still a child at heart, I delight in the magic and joy that small animals bring to us. The comfort and warmth that a lovey portrays….I still have a few of my stuffed animals from my childhood long ago. They are cherished possessions.

We have 11 animals currently on our little ranch – 2 horses, 1 wild pony, 4 dogs, 3 cats and a desert tortoise, many of them rescued animals. I adore each one like they are my children. They inspire me!



Pearl and Poppy ~ Rebeca

I’m Rebeca; mama, wife, sojourner, creator, dreamer. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed making unique gifts for people I love. I’ve worked as a professional seamstress, sewing clothing for a local shop as well as selling my own creations at Eugene’s famous Saturday Market. I’m now a stay-at-home mom to my four children: Peregrine, Poppy, Raphael, and Pearl. I’ve spent the last twelve years pouring my creative energy into caring, teaching, and sharing life with them. Our home is filled with unique, high quality toys and clothing I’ve crafted for them over the years. I’m inspired by the simplicity and timelessness of vintage children’s goods and enjoy mingling that with fresh, modern ideas to create items that are both classic and whimsical. We love to travel as a family and I also glean a lot of inspiration from different cultures and places we’ve been, as well as from the beauty of nature.



The Whispering Wood ~ Alex

Welcome to The Whispering Wood! I sell sweet and simple handmade items for your free range child. Bonnets that are perfect for days exploring in the woods, roaming with chickens in the pasture, and watching snails by the creek.



Hopewell Creek Designs ~ Rebecca

I have been sewing and creating for nearly 40 years, and felt has always been my main passion. I never thought that I would ever say that I am grateful for the years we didn’t have a lot of money. Because it was during those years that I was forced me to become creative.

My best ideas have come from watching my kids and now my grand-kids play. Several years ago while the whole family was at our weekend cabin our then youngest grandson wanted so desperately to play near the campfire. It was then that the idea occurred to me. I needed to make him his own Campfire….and that was when it was born. Almost every time we visit with the boys they begin telling of some new ideas they have for toys. Most of what you see has come from moments with my kiddos.



Claudia Marie Felt ~ Claudia

I design and create needle felted wool animals, fairies, Waldorf angels and fairies. My creations are noted for their personality and character, as well as the very soft, luxurious, natural fibers.

As a Waldorf parent, I was inspired by the natural toys that grace the early childhood classrooms in Waldorf schools.

I’ve dabbled in many handwork arts, but when I discovered felting, it quickly became a passion. I love the ability felting allows one to be totally creative and in the moment with your muse. I find inspiration for my felting from nature — in my garden, in the Midwest prairies and woodlands, and in wilderness areas I have visited. I hope you enjoy my work.



Bridget’s Bell ~ Karen

I live on the seacoast of NH, which is close to mountains and a large city-perfect! I love to make lovely items from natural materials. I have worked with children in a variety of settings and have a Masters in education and Waldorf teacher certificate. I am interested in art of all kinds, spirituality and reading. I take frequent walks in natural settings and bring home treasures.



Ozark Mountain Mama ~ Heather

My business started when I saw a need for affordable woolies. As a mother five, running on a tight budget, I made my own woolies from recycled sweaters. At that time, there were not many quality sellers of repurposed woolens, and the few favored sellers charged more than I could afford! I set out to offer an affordable, quality product that people could feel good about buying 🙂 since we started, we’ve added products here and there, aiming to make the whole process off cloth diapering easy and affordable. In 2012 I began a relationship with my local cloth diapering shop, Terra Tots, that’s really grown this little biz! We added soft soled shoes to our line up last spring/summer, utilizing both organic cotton and woolie scraps, which I couldn’t be happier about, less waste! This spring were branching out yet again, with a small line of children’s clothing and layette items, crafted from repurposed designer pieces and made in the USA organic cotton!



Eve’s Little Earthlings ~ Eve

I love to design and sew my little animals 🙂

Toys are gifts. We offer these playthings to our children and ourselves. The toys we choose reflect our personalities and the inner child that every adult cherishes in memory.

I am privileged to be a toy maker, a guardian of natural childhood. I offer handmade, eco friendly, open-ended, gender neutral toys for all children.
I delve into my own childhood and the natural world for inspiration.
Joy is my motivator, for you, your gift recipients and myself.



By Color Therapy ~ Emese

Handmade, unique, one of a kind felted items from the best quality materials available, such as the finest merino wool-mulberry silk 50-50% blend, recycled saari fabrics with metal thread embroidery which make your style shine.
I also love to work with genuine leather. I make bags using soft leather in amazing colors and also like to combine them with old, never used repurposed military stripes.







ZIEZO ~ Andrea

Ziezo is a Dutch word that means ‘it’s all right’. It reflects my feeling that I had when I accepted being able to be a stay at home mom of 4 little ones and being able to spend more time crafting again after years of studying and being professionally engaged. It also means ‘sawa’ a commonly uttered word, actually more an expression in Swahili, one of the languages used here in Kenya.

Ziezo is the label I created when I rediscovered my desire to create beautiful and functional items again, after a long time of focusing on professional advancement. The creations are heavily inspired by Waldorf Education and Steiner philosophy as my children are attending a Waldorf Kindergarten/School here in Kenya. It all started with some kiddie aprons in the beautiful traditional materials such as Kikoy and Kanga fabrics (both 100 % cotton), grew to 100% wool felt crowns, wool and cotton Waldorf dolls, 100% silk butterfly wings and it is still expanding as the kids are getting bigger and their play changes.




Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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