Swimming Turtle Coloring Page

Swimming Turtle Coloring Page

A couple of days ago, when the crew was over for Sunday dinner, Pixie asked for a copy of our Primitive Angel Coloring Page to paint. I ran off a copy on water color paper, and she used the water color pencils to color it in.

When she was done, she asked me to draw a picture of a turtle so she could paint it. “What should the turtle be doing?” I wanted to know. She thought about it a minute, bobbed her head, and said, “Swimming”.

3 minutes with a piece of paper and her swimming turtle was born. 

“Wait’, Michelle said, “Don’t let her paint that yet. Scan it first and put it on Wee Folk Art.”

So there you have it… NOTHING is done around here without assessing its blog worthiness 🙂

The Swimming Turtle Coloring Page can be found HERE. Enjoy! 

The Coloring Page Gallery can be found HERE




  1. Just ran off the page on watercolor paper. I jammed once but I feed it through a second time and it worked fine. We loved your coloring pages at Christmas but I was so excited to see this one. I hope you do more nature coloring pages. I am in awe of anyone that can just draw like that. Can’t do that, but we can paint. Thanks!

  2. We are so inspired by your blog. My sons painted the turtle today. They turned out great! We are hoping Pixie requests a bear next since we are studying them right now. (Obvious hint 🙂 Thanks for everything you share!

  3. hi think this is great it would make a lovely mosaic or stain glass piece

    1. For a while I was making stained glass pavers for the yard. I do think this look would lovely turned into a stone. You may have just inspired me… thanks 🙂

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