So… Tim and I are sitting side-by-side at our computers, enjoying a lazy Saturday morning before chaos ensues. As we surf along, we seem to take turns saying, “Hey, look at this!” We’re a lot like two toddlers playing next to one another …in a sandbox… not really needing muchRead More →

This was first posted on April 27, 2009, on my now retired blog One Generation to Another. I hope you enjoy 🙂 I love gardening. But who can blame me? Time began in a garden, at least biblically speaking. God did not plop Adam and Eve down in the desert.  NorRead More →

Being an obsessive person, I have a tendency to have a one track mind. And at this time of year, it is near impossible to keep me indoors. My gardens call to me, and it would be down right rude, not to answer. So, this means I tend not toRead More →