Clay Pot Plant Markers

Clay Pot Plant Markers

A very long time ago my children taught me NEVER to mistake silence for inactivity! Actually, unless napping, the quieter they became, the more likely they were involved in mischief and mayhem! Same is true at Wee Folk Art. The quieter the blog is, the busier I am in real life 🙂 I am pleased to report, I do have partners in crime, and everyone around here has been knee deep in creative pursuits, and, fortunately for me, our house seems to be benefiting from it all!

I know SOME people actually use their dining room table to eat on, but THIS is how ours has looked for the past couple of weeks! BTW… it is interesting to note how quickly things get shuffled around and pushed out of the way to make way for meals 😉

Actually, the Clay Pot Plant Markers were a spur of the moment project. I was working on some wooden flowers… which I will be sharing soon… and Fairy and Pixie wanted to help. Although I would loved to have seen their creations, this was a project I needed to finish myself. We are in the process of totally reworking our gardens, and I wanted new plant markers. I thought quickly about this, pulled out a stack of clay pots, and before you knew it, we were all around the table painting our little hearts out.

The girls were given free range to paint the pots. They used outdoor paint specifically designed to withstand weather and sun. When they were all done, I wrote the name of a plant on the bottom rim using a permanent marker in contrasting colors. Then, I had a scathingly brilliant thought! Why not add drawer pulls to the top, to cover the holes and make them easier to pick up?

So, we painted wooden drawer pulls in contrasting colors. I then cut circles out of milk jugs to use on the inside of the pots as big washers to prevent the screws from popping through the holes. We used the screws to put a hole in the middle of the plastic washers, and from the inside, screwed the knob to the top of the pot.

The only thing left to do was to put them in the garden. When my mom came over yesterday for Sunday dinner, the girls took Nana on a tour of the garden, sharing all the pots they painted. The Clay Pot Plant Markers add a dollop of color to the gardens, are truly useful, AND were made by the wee ones. Does it get much better than that?
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 PHOTO: 3-24-2013








  1. Funny, we too have a pile of arts and crafts where our dining room table once was :o)

  2. What special times! I moved a table into our living room for the kids (and I) to create and do homework at so that we could eat at the dining room table. ;o)
    Looks like everyone is having fun!
    ~ joey ~

    1. I actually have a studio with 2 large tables for just this kind of crafting. Unfortunately, at this moment, it is a complete mess. I'm consolidating and purging, and until that's done, the tables are unusable. Hoping to be done by the weekend!

  3. I LOVE the creativity that fills your household! What a neat idea too! 🙂

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