Stitch Glossary

I have been working on an embroidered pillow project for the last couple of weeks. I started with drawing up several cute little owls. These owls were designed to fit on a 5″ square. You can download the Owl Embroidery Pattern here. I then chose a light and dark coloredRead More →

The Woven Spider Wheel Stitch is a versatile stitch that I use often. It makes a circular, raised stitch appropriate for flowers, apples, polka dots, etc. It winds up being raised, giving it a wonderful 3-D effect. Obviously, I love this stitch, and although it might seem difficult, with aRead More →

The bullion stitch is a beautiful stitch which is perfect for making lavender and wheat. It is sometimes called a caterpillar or worm stitch, and it has a great deal of versatility. The stitch can be made straight as in the lavender above, or you can loop it around itself toRead More →