Using my new rigid heddle loom I was able to weave an awesome scarf in just 2 hours! The set up was easy and once I got started I couldn’t stop! Over the years I have done many weaving projects on small framed looms, branches and other simple looms. ItRead More →

Snow, snow, and more snow…. but mostly cold. How to hold off cabin fever… keep your hands (or more importantly your kids’ hands) busy. Fortunately most of my kids’ Christmas gifts were activity based and as this winter has keep us mostly indoors… we have greatly appreciated all the craftyRead More →

In another life I must have been a man, because I hate to stop and ask for directions… (I’m never lost, I always know where I am… in my car!) and I insist on trying to figure things out for myself before I turn to instructions. So, the other day,Read More →