Through the Eyes of a Fairy

Through the Eyes of a Fairy

Nothing in this world is as magical as the eyes of a child. These eyes can turn a cardboard box into a castle, a handkerchief into a doll, and a stick into a sword. Unfortunately, as we get older, we often lose the awe, and we need Hollywood to make that magic for us. It is my humble belief, however, that the more we nurture fantasy and make believe in our children, the longer they will be able to hold onto their own magic. This magic translates into a never ending awe of the world, the ability to be a creative and open problem solver and, well, a happy and joyous adult. Fantasy and creativity do not need to become a fleeting childhood stage; rather, it can be a way of viewing the world, even as an adult, that makes it possible to accomplish the improbable. In my mind, fantasy and magic are essential human elements that should be nurtured in our children.
Having said that, I got the wee ones a new face painting kit. I took some pics as Michelle transformed the girls into fairies. (Only got pics of Fairy, but trust me, Pixie was equally cute!) Here is our little Fairy painted as a Fairy. Isn’t she beautiful?

Just a note… Michelle and I were both very pleased with the kit. The paints were smooth and easy to apply, they stayed on all day despite rather sweaty running around, and later, washed off in a snap. I must admit, I paid full price for the kit at Barnes and Noble. $25.00, ouch. (Poor planning on my part!) Amazon carries the kit for $16.47, and judging by how very little paint was used yesterday, I’m sure they will have the kit around for a long time!




  1. We got the same kit last Halloween. I HATE HATE HATE the face makeup they sell in the Halloween shops. It smears and makes my kids’ faces swell. We got these paints and they were wonderful to work with, didn’t destroy our skin and we’ve been using them for months now.

    As always, my face painting isn’t as good as yours. Fairy looks beautiful as always, but WOW! Great job, Michelle!

  2. I love Wee Folk Art! Would you consider adopting our family? Believe it or not my mom gives me a lot of grief for my children’s fairy and gnome play. “It’s not healthy for children to play like that.” 🙁 I couldn’t agree more that we we allow children to engage in fantasy, it will help them be more creative thinkers later.

    And, Fairy is truly beautiful. Nice job Michelle. I’ve looked at that kit before. Think we need to add it to our play. [Sorry Mom!] 🙂

  3. I also don’t feel I could do as good a job as Fairy’s transformation, but then, I don’t think that is the point. I think Fairy would feel beautiful in anything her mom painted on her. That is what fantasy play is all about. I need to dig out our face paints. I have a toddler who would just love being a kitty for a day.

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