A Time to Every Purpose

A Time to Every Purpose

For the past 2 years, Michelle and I have spent every day, in one way or another, attending to Wee Folk Art. For those of you that have been with us from the beginning, you know me as the “Up Front” guy, and Michelle as the “Behind the Scenes” support. Although it was never our intent, Wee Folk Art has become a full time job for me. On busy weeks, I can spend 40 – 50 hours crafting and posting. Of course, most of my crafting has been utilized by family and friends, but the photo taking, writing instructions, cropping photos and blogging usually takes me twice as long as it does to actually do the craft.

If you are feeling a sense of foreboding and thinking… “I know where this is going” let me just say quickly… Wee Folk Art is NOT going away. We just need to cut back on the amount of time we are spending at the computer right now.

So, there are two main changes you can expect. First, we are changing comments so they require approval. As it stands right now, we need to check comments frequently to delete inappropriate comments and advertisements. We much prefer the immediate gratification readers receive when they instantly see their comment, but it will give us a tremendous amount of peace of mind knowing we don’t need to be constantly attentive. Second, there will be a reduction in the amount of blogs and crafts we post. This will allow us to gain back a little of our time for other activities and projects. The gardens are calling to us and we can’t help but spending time with them. 

What won’t change? All of our past blogs and patterns will be available as always. We will answer questions and responds to emails, although our responses may not be as timely. You can expect the quality of any patterns we share to be of the same quality they have always been. We will continue to post on Facebook (we are cutting back, not dying 🙂

Come the fall, when we are ready to move back indoors, you will probably see the number of posts increase as our crafting increases for the holidays. So, this is far from goodbye, but rather an explanation of why you’ll see some changes 🙂

And, what, you may well ask, am I going to be doing with all this extra time on my hands? Well, as it turns out, it seems there is a time for everything, and at present, my time is going to spent helping two rescue puppies join our household. Kyra and Luna are 7 week old border collie/spaniels from their mother’s side. And dad… well, we have no idea. Judging by the size of their feet, we’re guessing it was NOT a chihuahua! Time will tell! 

Just one more note… It was my plan to work with Tim this spring/summer to do a tutorial on how to make our gnome house. That is not a project we are going to have time for this year. With the puppies, a new grandbaby on the way, and Tim’s big summer project of replacing our deck, the tutorial for the gnome house has been shelved for the time being. Sorry to the readers that were hoping to join us in building their own gnome house. Perhaps at another time.  





  1. Good for you! As much as I love how frequently you post I am more excited about your decision! I recently cut waaaay back at my job to spend more time with my family and garden (as we sell at the farmers market this is a very busy time of year for us). So happy to hear this!

  2. Oh, the puppies are so adorable. I totally understand your need to spend some time away from the computer. I’m not concerned, though. I know you guys won’t desert us completely. Go outside and play in your gardens and with the new puppies. Have fun! We will take whatever crafty goodness you are willing to share with us.

  3. The puppies are adorable. I would want to be outside playing with them too;)
    I have a border collie and they are a lot of fun, but a handful to keep them busy and active.


    1. The dog we just lost was a border/spaniel mix. As long as she had a job, she was happy. When our husky was alive, she kept her in line. After we lost the husky, she took over watching the 2 yorkies. She was busy 🙂 We are hoping that by taking 2 puppies, they will spend a lot of time "de-energizing" each other!!! We hope, we hope, we hope 🙂

  4. Thank you so so much for all you do! And don’t you sweat the small stuff! Those puppies are sweet. Go and love your babies and we’ll be hanging around. Take care!

  5. I only recently found your blog and I have loved reading each post and seeing all the wonderful patterns you so kindly share.
    I did think that it must take up a lot of your time so I am not surprised that you need to take some time for yourselves. i hope you have a wonderful summer playing with your puppies and your Grandchildren.
    I will keep checking in to see if you have posted.
    Take care.

  6. I visit every day and will continue to do so… Love what you do!! I just got in from my garden… Love being out there better than I do at the computer!!

  7. I love your Blog and what you ladies do for us, I am relatively new, about 6-8 months. I think it is wonderful that you can will take the time to do the things you need to do! I hope you enjoy your time away. I love the puppies, they are both beautiful! Lastly I hate spammers, they disrupt emails, web pages and apparently comments too! I think they are worse than telemarketers.

  8. Good for you! I really like it when people are able to take the time for their families and their “real” lives. My husband is trying to go to part time before he can retire, but is having a hard time finding someone to replace him. Enjoy your summer and family!

  9. You are wonderful, creative people and your bog is an inspiration to all – I regularly visit and I always smile and am constantly amazed. I understand your need to spend time away from the computer, however, am so very glad you are not stopping altogether! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!

  10. you certainly have given a LOT of yourselves here. it has been greatly appreciated. i completely honor you for taking the space that you need. i didn’t know that you had intended to do a tute on the gnome house so i wish you hadn’t told me! 😉 my hubby and i have just been talking about how to make one ourselves.

    much love to you,

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