Tube Vase and Felt Flowers

Tube Vase and Felt Flowers

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this entry on Facebook:

“I would like to say I’m taking all this building chaos in stride. Really… I would like to say that… but since I can’t, what I can say is I tend to go to my happy place when the days turn comical. Have I mentioned I have a port-a-john sitting in my front yard? Oh, I have? Well, I believe it bears repeating.

I’m not always the most organized person, and I am often amazed how I manage to get anything done. I have to work hard to maintain order in my life, seeing as how I don’t come by it naturally, and because I have no control over what is happening to my environment right now, I’ve taken to thinking about minute details.

There’s a scene in the movie Romancing the Stone, where Kathleen Turner takes a wrong bus, winds up in the middle of the jungle, is sucked down a mud slide, and is plopped down in the middle of a huge puddle. She is disheveled, her clothes are ripped, she broke off the heel of her shoe, and when she regains her footing, she begins looking for a lost button. You see how ludicrous this is, right? Well, right now, I’m looking for a button!

So, here’s the deal. Tim gave me this awesome vase for Christmas. Actually, it’s really more like 8 little vases stuck together… think sea anemone. Anyway, it should have 1 little flower in each vase. I’ve had it put away for our new room. I decided tonight, it would do me good to find flowers for this vase.

I happened upon the lovely Etsy shop The Felt Florist and found these little felt rosette flowers. They will be just the right size for my vase. I’m waiting to hear back from the shop owner with a question I have about colors.

When I get the flowers, I’ll be sure to share a pic of them in the vase. Should be awesome.

And, there you go, my friends… I found my button!”

Well, here is the vase from Tim. He bought it at a small shop SOMEWHERE in South Carolina, but I see they are available on Amazon, too.

And here is the lovely bouquet of flowers I bought from The Felt Florist on Etsy.

They are going to look lovely in the new room!




    1. It looks gorgeous with the red dogwood branches. As soon as we get some growth in the yard, it is going to be so fun to switch it out with living flowers. I didn’t know it was a Chive vase. Okay… wouldn’t chives, along with their purple flowers, actually look awesome in them? Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

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