Vintage Apron

Vintage Apron

Pixie has her second birthday coming up in September. She loves domestic play. Dolls are her life! She also loves tea parties, her kitchen set, playing in her doll house and Gammy’s gnome house. For her birthday, Tim and I bought her The Child’s Cleaning Set from Magic Cabin. So, naturally, I figured she needed an apron to enhance play. From my stash I pulled out some vintage fabric I’ve been waiting to use, and made her an apron any homemaker would be proud to wear! (BTW Fairy saw the completed apron and requested one for her birthday in October. Shocker!) Since I can’t have Pixie model the apron for me until her birthday, I found a tree that was willing to help me out! I believe the tree to be a little wider around the middle than Pixie, but you get the idea. Next up, a matching bandana! Hopefully, this evening, or certainly by Monday, I’ll include a free pattern. If you whip one up, be sure to share your finished product with us! 


Click here for the Vintage Child’s Dress-Up Apron.


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