Candlewick Mushrooms

Candlewick Mushrooms

Way back in the 80s, candlewicking made a comeback. Candlewicking is an interesting Colonial craft technique where ecru thread is used to embroider designs on ecru fabric, traditionally unbleached muslin. Candlewick is the unbleached cotton thread that is used for making candles, something most Colonial families had available for use. Although you can still buy candlewicking, now tatting or crochet thread is often used; and you can even use 6 strands of ecru embroidery floss. The end results are a subtle and muted design… that reminds me of a shadow. Many of the early pieces used a series of French knots to outline imagines, creating a 3-D look, but you can use any embroidery technique you enjoy!

I always talk about my penchant to create designs that can be used in more than one way. Our applique blocks are especially suited to multitasking! For this piece I ran a copy of our Mushroom Applique Block pattern, cut apart the individual mushrooms, and played with them until I achieved a design I liked. You can recreate my design using the placement pattern or lay out your own design. The directions for this Candlewicking Mushroom Wallhanging are available in our FREE Pattern Section. Enjoy!



  1. This is so flippin cute, but I’m thinking it looks like the back of some of my quilting projects. This is making me think. With a little attention to detail and neatness, and adding a few extra stitches like your flowers, I could intentionally make some things reversible. Thanks! BTW I adore mushrooms. I’m stuck in the car as a passenger for several hours tomorrow. I think I’ll get a couple of these prepared and work on them. Not too early to start thinking about gifts for the co-workers right? Oh, I’m also thinking about a baby shower I need to go to. Wouldn’t it be cute to make one of these to put on the outside of a package instead of a bow? The possibilities, lol!

    1. Funny you should say that… last night Tim looked at the picture and asked "Is that the front or the back?" I suppose using more French knots and satin stitches would make it look more finished but I love the simplistic look. Anyway, I like the idea of making some quilted projects reversible. No reason to hide lovely stitching, right? Also, super idea of using this on the outside of a gift. And there’s no reason to only work this in ecrus. Blue on blue, pink on pink, etc, would all give the same feel. Have a safe ride tomorrow and good luck on your projects!

  2. I love the simplicity of that! I would love to explore that technique too!

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