Quietly Playing

Quietly Playing

You know that quiet play that as a parent you hate to interrupt because your intrusion, even just for a moment, can break the spell of wonderful imaginative play? Of course this same quiet can also mean total chaos is going on, but the little imps are being sneaky enough to pull it off, so sometimes you can’t help but poke your head in. Well, when I was making dinner a couple nights ago and the older two were playing outside with Daddy, Pixie was in one of these quiet play moments. I only intruded because I needed to take a load of laundry upstairs and found…

Her quiet play fell somewhere between that deliciously imaginative and OMgoodness chaos! Every, single stuffy in the house was piled up at the bottom of the stairs, apparently each awaiting their turn to be seated neatly, and orderly on the steps. I wove my way carefully upstairs with the laundry basket not disturbing a single one but the spell was broken. When I came back down she had gone outside. About 20 trips up and down the steps later order had been restored… a small price to pay!

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. That looks like time well spent. I remember doing the same things with my stuffed animals. For some reason it drove my older brother crazy, and he’d barrel down the steps kicking all of them off 🙁 No stairs in our house, so not an activity for my little ones, but thanks for the lovely memory.

  2. I love it! We have tons of stuffed animals, and they get up to all kinds of interesting activities around here. I’ve gotten used to loading up a laundry basket at the end of each day to return them to where they belong. I have always had a soft spot for stuffed animals (…and still do; at our last aquarium trip, I brought home a leafy sea dragon, because: love!), and it does my heart good to see my girls playing with the dragons and lizards and kitties from my childhood, along with the animals they’ve chosen and the felt animals I have made for them.

  3. so well worth it, a beautiful scene! i love it…..

  4. I love it when they get so focused on a game – What a great picture! Definitely worth the cleanup.

  5. I love this! I always hate to intrude when I can “hear” them in deep play. I avoid it for all I’m worth. So glad you caught a picture.

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