Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Wool Painting Giveaway

Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Wool Painting Giveaway

EDIT: The giveaway is now closed. A winner will be selected and announced tomorrow πŸ™‚

Everyone has heard me talk about the love of my life, Tim. (The other day when I apologized to him for creating so much work for him… with programming for WFA and all the projects he does around the house for me, he looked at me and said, “It’s nothing, sweetie, you are my hobby!” I ask you, who wouldn’t love him?) Anyway… February 28, 2011 marked the 9th anniversary of when we meet. It was also the day Tim and I finally got married. After all the years we have spent together, it seemed a little silly to make a big to-do about it. So, Tim and I, along with my brother, Kipp, and his wife, Jennifer, went to an interesting little chapel, and got married.

Although the wedding was about as low keyed as you could get, we wanted to commemorate the day. After discovering Daria’s Etsy shop, Art of Felting, in January, I contacted her. Daria lives in Rehovot, Israel . Here is the email I sent her…

I was so delighted yesterday when I discovered your site. My readers seemed quite taken, too πŸ™‚ I have a question about a custom order. I am going to be married soon… the 2nd marriage for both of us. We are in our 50s, so not babes πŸ™‚ We do want something to commemorate the day since it will be very subdued. (We’ve already been together for 9 years.) When I saw your wool paintings, I thought this would be perfect! I love your new piece with the poppies, but I would like something bigger… more like the 13″ x 17″. I’m kind of thinking about a woodsy scene with poppies, and maybe a Mother Earth gets married kind of theme πŸ™‚ Let me know if this is possible.

And here was her reply…

It was a real pleasure to receive your input. The work I put into my creations gives me joy, but it is even more pleasurable to hear good words from others. I truly enjoyed your Wee Folk Art plus and think you are very talented. Your wonderful idea and the matter inspire me to start working on the project right now. I would be glad cooperating with you.

We were delighted when we received it last month. It is beautiful. Daria titled this peace “Mother Earth Gets Married”. Perfect, right?  A lovely reminder of how blessed we feel. As it turned out, my mom wanted to get it for us for a wedding gift… thank you mom. As soon as we decide what we want, we will have it framed.

Now… for some exciting news… When Daria shipped us our tapestry, she included a lovely little framed piece to share with our readers. Fantastic, right? The tapestry measures 5 1/4″ x 3 1/4″, framed 7 1/4″ x 5 1/4″. It is absolutely lovely!

Daria also sent photos of the fairy tapestry in process! I had asked Daria if she worked from a sketch. This is what she told me:

In Waldorf art is no place for a sketch or a previous plan. It’s like to give birth. This is by some means an opposition to photography. The target is not to show nature, but to discover what is conceived in. That’s why the right mood is necessary, which can be achieved through good music or other inspiring things. When I succeed get into right mood I start. First I place different wool pieces on the felt. Then I let the drawing leading my hands. The next step is to define details and only then the turn of a great finish comes. Billions strokes of needle.

If you would like a chance to win this sweet little Waldorf inspired needle felted wool painting, simply pay Daria’s Etsy shop, The Art of Felting, a visit, look at all her lovely things, (taking a drool cloth is highly advisable!) then come back here and leave a comment telling us what your favorite creation is. The giveaway will run from today, Wednesday, April 20, to Easter Sunday, April 24, at 9:00 p.m. EST. A winner will be drawn at random. So, head over to Art of Felting, pick a favorite, come back and tell us about it, then cross your fingers.

Thanks so much, Daria. It will be hard to give up this lovely little tapestry… but I will πŸ™‚



  1. Oh my! So many things on the Etsy site are so gorgeous that it’s impossible to choose! I adore the garden fairy, though, and the Forest Children tapestry is unbelievably. What amazing work!

    1. How lovely. I especially like the animals, particularly the owl.

      1. Everything she makes is beautiful, but the lion caught my eye!

  2. What a beautiful story, Kimara… As for choosing one favourite piece in Darias creations, it certainly isn’t easy, because they all are wonderful, but this time, my preference would go for the Easter eggs. I had ssen them already a few weeks ago and they had inspired me right away. I realy love them.
    And I would also love to win the beautiful wool tapestry, so now, lets cross the fingers! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh My Oh My Oh My!!!!! So so Beautiful! The lion is unbelievable!
    My son (11 yrs)looked through the pictures with me and was amazed as well, he suggested that I could make some just like that, lol not likely! but I am glad he thinks I am that clever πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow! Both of the items she made for you are beautiful. I love the felted fairies and animals on her site but my favorite is the felted owl. It’s so realistic looking!

  5. Wow she has an amazing talent, the flower fairy feast is gorgeous!

  6. Her work is jaw-droppingly fabulous. I really rather like the wool mobile climbing gnomes – especially because I had my first son (4th child & 4th homebirth) and all through the pregnancy little woodland whimsy seemed to be the theme. πŸ™‚

  7. There are so many beautiful things in her shop! I’d have to say that the tapestry with the waterfall is my favorite – though it was hard to pick. The pegasus is divine as well. Wow. I’m just in awe overload here – she is amazing!

  8. What a great idea to do to remember your special day. πŸ™‚ And what a beautiful artist you picked. My favorite (of many) is the Fairy’s Journey. Simply amazing…. all of it! I want to build a little village LOL

  9. Daria is very gifted! So many beautifully detailed pieces. My 10yo loves owls, so I was drawn to them, but I love all the animals. My sweet little 4yo would be enchanted by the strawberry girl, and my Tiptoes loving boy would love the gnome family for our nature table! Wow!

  10. okay, first I thought, “the owls, has to be the owls” then I saw the fairies and I just knew they were going to be my favorites, they I saw the red squirrel and I was blown away by how life like it was. Then I looked at the sheep and the horse and the pegasus, then the canvas. Now I just can’t decide! My head is swirling with all of the beautiful things that hint just enough at a personality to let me create a whole life for them, and yet are SO detailed in color and texture and even muscle (the squirrel and the horse). All I can say is that this is a very talented artist!

  11. How hard was that?! I’m going to go for the Needle Felted Wool picture with the poppies and ethereal fairies on it but I didn’t see anything in your shop that I’m not completely in love with.

    My needle felting has gone as far as a small cat. Now I’ve seen those I’m totally inspired but know that I’ll never be able to create anything so beautiful. I love the little fairies too – the plum fairy was a close second.


  12. Love!! I would say the Fairy Feast 2 is my favorite, but it is so hard to pick just one. I love them all!!

  13. While I love them all, I would choose the felted horse. My granddaughter is a huge fan of horses and plays with her wooden horse all the time. She would love to have this horse to join her family of Forest People!

  14. Your felting work is amazing! My favorite is the 12 piece Nativity set. The detail is wonderful, I especially like how the three kings and camel figures were done.

  15. I love your website and I loved, loved, loved the The forest children from Daria’s Etsy shop. All are amazing in the lovely shop, but tapestries are such a work of art and time that looking at then never ceases to amaze me!

  16. Lovely! I found the easter eggs especially beautiful and the nativity sets.

  17. I love all of them. My daughter loves animals and talks and plays with her animals. She would love to have one of Needle felted Lion-King of Beasts, Needle felted red squirrel, Needle felted lamb, Needle felted chipmunk. thanks for the chance.

  18. Wow! Daria’s work is just lovely!! I especially like her little critters. The skunk, squirrel, and birds are just precious!! It’s amazaing what can be created with wool!!! Just Wonderful!!!

  19. I really love The Fairy’s Journey and the beautiful Easter eggs. This is something I would love to learn how to do.

  20. I added her shop to my favorites in the hope of purchasing something soon. My very favorite was the Forest Children, but I did love the white mouse and cardinal egg. The Fox was really cool the way he was in motion. That was a lovely, lovely idea having that made in commemoration of your wedding. I think I’m going to copy and paste the “You are my Hobby” statement for my husband’s benefit (or not).

  21. Wow, are you kidding? I love them all, but if I have to pick one, my favorite would have to be the print reproduction of the forest children. So talented!

  22. Daria’s shop is filled with beautiful things! I especially love the forest people Easter eggs! What a beautiful felted wool painting and very generous offer! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  23. I am so delighted to see you highlighting Daria’s work – I have been her customer since last summer and she is a total inspiration to me! It is almost impossible to pick a favorite (I often peruse her beautiful work on Etsy) but I do so love the pumpkin fairy mobile…three pumpkins and a little fairy sitting on one of them. Perfection!

    oh, and I also love those forest people eggs inspired by Elsa Beskow…what delights!

  24. The details are so amazing! I love the animals especially the jackrabbit and the pegasus. What a wonderful gift to celebrate your wedding – congrats!

  25. I don’t know how your suppose to pick one thing, I have a list here. Her work is wonderful and you can feel while you look at her items she loves what she does.:)
    Thanks so much Daria and Wee Folk Art for the amazing giveaway.
    Here is my LIST of faves, and This is a short list believe me I could go on and on.
    ~felted Easter Eggs
    ~The Fairy Feast
    ~Autumn Fairies.
    ~Yellow Spring Fairy
    ~Wool Garden Fairy
    ~Sunrise Fairy Doll

    Hope everyone has a great day. And good luck to everyone. πŸ™‚

  26. What a wonderful story! Congratulations! I was overwhelmed at the number of items at Daria’s shop. I really liked the felted rooster and the Easter eggs…the rooster best I guess. There is something for everyone.

  27. Isn’t it amazing the amazing things people can create? Her work is gorgeous and I adore the garden fairy – adore it! Thanks for the giveaway chance and always sharing such inspiring work! We have no school today as we have storm damage and our school has no power. I am glad I have this extra time to check our your blog today, and see all the goodness! : ) Hope you have a nice day.

  28. LOVE!! Such beautiful work – I love the Needle Felted Mother and Child – she captures the beauty of the mother-daughter so well.

  29. I have actually ordered from Daria’s shop. She made us the most amazing mother earth and root children. I am loving her Jackrabbit!! Beautiful.

  30. But I didn’t listen to your advice about drool cloth, so I hope my drowned keyboard will be OK until the end of the comment πŸ™‚ Her art is amazing. Everything is just like some beautiful dream…Love all of it, but my fav is mother with a child or… or… Thanks for sharing!

    1. My favorite was the Needle Felted Wool Tapestry – The forest children N5-Elsa Beskow and Waldorf Inspired. So inspiring and beautiful!

  31. The colors in the Flower Fairies (needle felted wool painting) are so bright, so beautiful, and so wonderful! It would make any room in my home reflect the same beauty it inspires!

  32. Those are amazing. My favorite was the lion though!

  33. Thank you for sharing the link to such a beautiful artist!

    My favorite is the Needle Felted Mother and Daughter standing soft sculpture. All of her works are beautiful, but this one in particular made me smile.

    Now I have one more craft to learn!

    Laureen in Virginia

  34. So many beautiful works!! The tapestries are amazing and I am particularly drawn to her creatures – the fox and the lamb and the raccoon. I think your commemorating your marriage with the tapestry is a really great idea.

  35. Everything is gorgeous. I love the flower queen, but all the tapestries are amazing too. Love Elsa Beskow inspired work.

  36. I loved the pumpkins and orange fairy! So lovely.

  37. I love them all, especially the dolls…Mother and child! What a beautiful wedding gift, congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  38. I wouldn’t mind everything in her studio but if I had to choose just one it would have to be the wool picture of the 4 fairies with the red flowers. Thank you Daria, Kimara, and Tim! Thank you for sharing!

  39. She truly is an artist. Amazing work. The meerkat has so much personality. He (she) has to be my favorite.

  40. Everything is absolutely amazing! What an incredible talent! Skipping (rope) with a rainbow tapestry would be absolutely adorable in my daughter’s room. I know it would make all of us smile everyday.

  41. That was the most beautiful picture. All her creations are awesome though. I could have stayed on her site all day. πŸ™‚

  42. I love her work too! What a great chance to win something she made! I love the needle felted picture of a girl skipping over a rainbow…magical! And what a great memory of your special day!

  43. This site is a favorite of mine. Her work is wonderful. Its so hard to choose but the forest children inspired by Elsa Beskow work is a particular favorite. The mushroom capped children parading at the pond with grog and squirrel nearby is enchanting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Wow, I’ve never seen her work before. It’s stunning! So many wonderful things to choose from, but I couldn’t go past the cute little felted skunk.

  45. It would be an amazing gift to be able to win this. I love her shop and the hand felted garden fairies are my favorite.

  46. I love the Mother and Child. It reminds me of me.

  47. Thanks for introducing us to Daria. I had never seen her work before, but it is beatuiful. I love the wool picture-Flower Fairy. Congratulations on your anniversary. Ours is next month, 41 years and 7 children later, we are still together. Now I have time for fairies, gnomes, needle felting and other creative projects, including fun things for our grandchildren.
    Would love and appreciate the give away tapestry.

  48. Such beautiful work! Everything is so beautiful, but I especially love The Fairy’s Journey tapestry.

  49. What gorgeous works of art! I am especially taken with the animals, and I think the fox and bunnies are my favorites. Just remarkable…

  50. She wasn’t lying when she called it art. What a beautiful shop! I wish I had the money to buy it since they’re all so well-made. My favorite was easy though. It’s the “Needle felted Mother and child-Waldorf inspired standing doll-soft sculpture.” Once you become a mom it changes your perspective forever. It takes on an almost magical/blessed quality. I love art that embraces that.

  51. So difficult to choose a favorite! Love the pegasus and the jackrabbit. Found a new etsy favorite shop today!

  52. Needle Felted Wool Tapestry – The forest children N5-Elsa Beskow and Waldorf Inspired is just the most beautiful, magical scene. It reminds me not only of the preschool children I care for at our own Waldorf School, but of my three year old son who in a dreamy state just before falling asleep last night said, “Mama, Buffo the frog is kind of like Anxious Frog in the Sun Egg”. Elsa Beskow’s works are such a gift to my children and we have read the few books we have of hers endlessly. This work of the Forest Children seems to be dancing and so radiant. What a master piece!

  53. i have been in love with daria’s work for some time now. i could not possibly choose a favorite but i will say that i already have plans to order my blue obsessed winter child a king winter of her very own for her birthday this year.

    what a gorgeous treasure daria created for you! i just love that that is how you commemorated the event. and congratulations to you!!! how wonderful the two of you had this celebration in honor of your beautiful union. warmly, rae

  54. Such beautiful work. The littel owl spoke to me- probably because it is spring time and every evening for the past week the owls who live in our woods have been calling. Such joy to hear them and try to find them in the dark! So far we have seen one fly so quietly into the night shadows!

  55. I love the Climbing Gnome, so magical!!!

  56. So beautiful! It was very hard but I think that my favorite is the Fairy-Mother and child. You can just see and feel the love and warmth. Thank you for this opportunity, your work is amazing! And thank you WFA, you are my biggest inspiration!!!

  57. Wow!!! Daria your work is amazing, beautiful and inspiring! I am in love with all your needle felted fairies. I think my favorite has to be this one….http://www.etsy.com/listing/46989769/needle-felted-wool-picture-waldorf This reminds me of my daughter; and our fascination with rainbows and all the magic of them, nature, angels and love. πŸ™‚ Thank you for blessing us by sharing your gifts. Thank you to Kimara for bringing us your wee folk art blogs, such wonderful things, places and giveaways to see πŸ™‚ Much Love, Monica

    Here is explantation of picture: needle felted wool picture waldorf inspired:This tapestry spreads an atmosphere of a good mood. A laughing girl enjoys her self using a rainbow as a jumping rope .Full of colors, made out of pure organic wool it will supply a strong good energy to every room which it will be found in.
    This needle felted picture(about 9" across and almost 11.3" tall)
    This listing is only for the picture, the frame is not included.
    This tapestry will be signed before shipping, tenderly wrapped and shipped to you.
    Thank you for choosing us to brighten up your day.

  58. I love the little felted lamb. How perfect for Easter!

  59. WOW. The recommendation of a drool rag was appropriate. Rainbow jumpropes. Felting root children on easter eggs. So many lovelies. Thanks for the chance.

  60. Everything is so beautiful but I really love that felted lamb. πŸ™‚

  61. Oh, all the little animals are marvelous! I loved the flamingo!

  62. Oh my, what an absolutely stunning site! It was so hard to pick just one, but I think my favourite is the Elsa Beskow-inspired Forest Children tapestry on the first page. So many beautiful things by an incredibly talented artist.

  63. I love the wooden Garden fairy!!! I am so amazed so much can be done felting!! Very creative!! Melissa

    I love the wool fairy garden figure!! I’ve just started felting and I cannot believe all the things that can be done!!

  64. The needle felted lion king of beasts is amazing. What fabulous work!

  65. One favorite? Impossible! But I really love the Yellow-Throated Warbler and all the mother and child ones. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  66. So many details, it’s like reading a story, so alive! my favorite The Forest Children, I love their hats!

  67. I had a difficult time choosing a favorite from her site, but I finally decided on Fairy Feast. Her work is so beautiful. I would love to win the little painting. Gorgeous!

    And congratulations on your marriage. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

  68. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.

  69. How can one possibly just choose one? So here are my 3 favorites and even that took me FOREVER: Flower Queen (love the vibrant colors), felt easter eggs (what a super sweet idea and I just adore mushrooms), the felted Elsa Beskow paintings with incredible details! AMAZING!
    Thank you for recommending the site!

  70. Daria’s work is incredible! Well, it’s really hard to decide what is my favourite … I like the wool tapestry named ”The Fairy Feast 2” and little felted rose brooch… But, her other works are sooo beautiful. Hard to decide πŸ™‚ Silvija

  71. First of all; sincere congratulations ! πŸ˜‰
    Second; what an unbelievably amazing tapestry she made for you two, so so beautiful, really breathtaking!
    And third; thank you so much for invitation in Daria’s Etsy shop of wonders…she really does magic! My favorite of her crazy beautiful creations is Needle Felted Wool picture Flowers Fairy. Uf, it’s amazing!

  72. Thank you so much for introducing such an amazing artist to us all! I love all of her tapestries and dolls! If I were to choose one I would choose her flower fairy tapestry, such beauty and sweetness! Thanks again πŸ™‚

  73. Daria’s work is absolutely exquisite. There’s so much beauty and detail and emotion in each piece. Truly, I love them all, but the sculptural animals captivated me the most — especially the fox, who’s a creature much favoured in stories and drawings by my young daughter these days. Thanks for the chance to win the tapestry. Happy Easter, Wee Folk Art!

  74. You are right, Daria does amazing work. My favorite is The Fairy’s Journey. The heron and fawn in the picture are incredible. Thanks for showcasing this wonderful Etsy shop and artist.

  75. I am most attracted to the felted landscapes. They are beautiful scenes in themselves. Felting the scenes add such depth. So amazingly beautiful and inspirational! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Oh…I almost forgot…The Fairy’s Journey is my favorite!!

  76. Her work is AMAZING, but I think my favorite is her Yellow Spring Fairy πŸ™‚

    Great idea for a giveaway!!

  77. Such beautiful creations! I’m really drawn to the little animal creatures – the jackrabbit, fox – so detailed and sweet, but my favorite piece is the mobile-Girl in a pink dress, with the little girl on a swing. I’m in love – and have a new favorite seller on etsy!

  78. I have had this store listed as one of my favorites for some time now. I just love the artist’s needle felting work. I have been learning to needle felt and only dream of being as talented as she is someday. I was lured in by Fairies and Gnome Dolls. The doll that caused by love affair with this store some time back is the Needle Felted Wool Garden Fairy. She takes my breathe away.

  79. It ‘s so hard to choose…. But my favorite is the Needle felted Pink Fairy. Waldorf inspired.
    Great job!!! So inspiring!!

  80. Her work is incredible and I would find it hard to pick between all the beautiful piecesm especially the animals, but my favorite is the lion king. Amazing.

  81. Since I’m expecting a new daughter next month and her nursery is lavender, I’d have to say my favorite (today) is the purple mother and child. Such beautiful work on them all!

  82. Wow… just wow. Daria’s wool painting and sculpture are beautiful and full of love and light. What a delight to have a piece by her in one’s home. I love her fairies… but this evening I kept going back to the “Needle felted Mother and child” – I find it especially touching.

    Congratulations to your love and you… even after a long time of togetherness, it’s still a special event and it sounds like you have an amazingly special treasure to help commemorate.

    Many thanks for the generous giveaway.

    Peace and joy to you.

  83. The Needle Felted Wool picture(waldorf inspired) of the fairies in the poppy field is my FAVORITE…I love her work!! Beautiful!!

  84. Wow…those felted “paintings” are some of the best i have ever seen! My favorite is The Forest Children N5. The details on the animals are awesome.
    The animal figures are fabulous also! She is a true artist!

  85. OH MY!! so very hard to pick! While I loved the camel, and the owls, and well…everything, I think the lion kept drawing me back. Such lovely work!!

  86. These are really lovely. I love the little summer maiden figure she has in the shop — too sweet. Thank you for sharing this giveaway with us. Congratulations on your marriage!

  87. To choose but one in indeed a challenge, but I love Daria’s Needle Felted Wool Mobile-Climbing Gnome. I love the simplicity and true whimsy of it. Thank you Daria for your generous give away through Wee Folk Art. u2022*u00A8*u2022.u00B8

  88. While all the pieces in Daria’s shop were beautiful, the felted shell fairy really caught my eye.
    Congratulations on your marriage and I love visiting Wee Folk Art to see what you ladies have created! Thank you for sharing!

  89. My son and I were scrolling through the photographs and the Birch Maiden jumped out at me. She reminds of winter. I thin it’s her dress. But her golden hair looks like silk. To me she appears content.

    Love her! She maybe going on my birthday wish list.

    Kris P

  90. Such wonderful items Daria, all beautiful but I particularly love the needle felted Winter maiden. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. i love the nativity set. it would be perfect for the seasonal table at christmas. but everything is lovely!!

  92. Wow, what a beautiful piece to give away! I looked at her etsy shop… SO many wonderful things. I fell in love with her summer maiden… *sigh* πŸ™‚

  93. I don’t think that I can really pick just one favorite~ pretty much ALL of Daria’s creations are irresistable! But in the spirit of spring I’ll name the flower fairy one as a favorite.. all those lovely blooms~ perfectly capturing the essence of a sun soaked day.. ahh… πŸ™‚

  94. To pick one favorite is impossible. What a talented lady! However, since I can only pick one…I pick the pregnant fairy. That is a truly unique, one of a kind piece. Beautiful work!

  95. Wow! The items in her shop are amazing. I bookmarked it to come back and look some more. I loved the fairies, the mother and children and the cool tree that changes seasons were all favorites.

  96. I have feel in love. It is so hard to pick just one. I love the little owl. And the tapestry with the goose, the sheep I could go on and on. I love that you have a great pice of her art work that means so much. I am going to start saving so I can have one of her beautiful art pieces. Thank you for a chance to win

  97. Daria’s etsy site was wonderful. I decided to wait a couple days after visiting and see which items I remembered…I figured the ones that I remembered would be the ones that truly made their why into my heart. I loved: the fairy picture with the rainbow jumprope, the fairy that was green and woodsy, all of the easter eggs, and the nativity set!! Looking forward to returning to her site soon!


  99. What a talented lady… what a joy looking at all that beautiful work!
    It’s Easter today, so the easter eggs really jumped out at me… but I LOVED the tapestry of the Faery Feast, part 2…. It’s just a rainbow of color… such a feast to the eyes!!

    I have no idea if I can participate with the giveaway… it’s just beautiful! But I don’t live in the States.

    Congratulations on your wedding! The Mother Earth tapestry is stunning!! What a wonderful idea!

    all my best,

  100. Darla’s work is wonderful! I am particularly in love with the little felted lamb. I collect lambs in honor of the ‘Good Shepherd’. Today is the day to honor the greatest gift ever given by the spotless Lamb of God!!!

  101. It’s so hard to choose; they’re all so beautiful. If I must pick one, then the Spring Maiden it is (and a shout out for the little green fairy!).

  102. Absolutely amazing!! I love each one – what a wonderful artist!


  103. What gorgeous masterpieces of creativity ! Oh what a wonderful site. I love the Shepherds, so peaceful and calming to the soul and having raised sheep, I felt a connection to it for several reasons.
    Mother Earth Gets Married is breathtaking.
    What a wonderful give away

  104. I have been a big fan of Daria’s work for a long time now. I use her work as the inspiration for many of my needle felted gifts. I especially love the mother and child and just had to try and recreate them for my daughter.
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

  105. All are SO beautifully crafted so choosing just one is very difficult. But The Forest Family Easter Eggs really caught my eye, so they will be my choice for favourite! I have just started needlefelting with my daughter, and have been inspired by Daria’s work to try some pictures.

  106. Thank you for introducing me to this clearly inspired artist! I cannot believe how exquisite her creations are. I was in awe looking at piece after piece on her site. It is impossible to choose a single favorite, but if money was no object for me, then the very first thing I would buy from this talented artist would be the full set of her Nativity scene. I’m bookmarking her etsy site for future browsing, and hopefully some purchasing, too.

  107. The mermaid is my favorite, she is beautiful !

  108. Definitely know where my Mother’s Day gifts are coming from! I just loved the Spring mobile especially after the long winter we have had.

  109. I was blown away by all the beauty! Just about impossible to pick just one! But if I had to, then its the nativity set! Thank you for the opportunity to join the giveaway!

  110. I love the spring maiden in a boat, so beautiful – everything!

  111. 1st congrats! Was it you who posted her felted eggs a few months ago? I love them and go and look at them all the time just to be cheered up… What gorgeous art you have and are offering, thank you. Bet wishes for a wonderful blessed life together.

  112. Congratulations on your marriage! And, thank you for letting us know about Daria’s The Art of Gelting shop. I love everything in her store. The least thing I expected to see was her felt Geisha girl. The work I love best is “mother and child”.

    I hope I’ll win the tapestry for my daughter’s birthday next month!

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