Traveling Gnome Pouch Pattern for Gnomes on the go!

Traveling Gnome Pouch Pattern for Gnomes on the go!

The Traveling Gnome Pouch Pattern begins with the Peg Gnome Sleeping Bag. After I made the gnome sleeping bags I called Michelle and was telling her about them. I mentioned that Pixie was going to love them since she loves to wrap little blankies around the gnomes and take them walking. Michelle suggested turning one of the gnome sleeping bags into a necklace or travel pouch so that the kids could carry a peg gnome around hands free. What a great idea!
So I made a matching 4 strand round braid out of yarn, but any braid would do, and tacked it onto the front of the sleeping bag. And viola! A traveling gnome tote! Turns out Pixie prefers making her own bunting for the gnomes, but Fairy loved it! She was kind enough to pose for me…gingerbread lips and all!

traveling gnome pouch pattern

Simple Directions for the Traveling Gnome Pouch Pattern:

Begin by making a Waldorf Peg Gnome Sleeping Bag.

Choose several colors of yarn in colors that match your peg gnome sleeping bag felt colors.

Create a long braid, i-cord (follow our i-cord tutorial), or star braid (follow our star braid tutorial) that that is approximately 24 inches long or double whatever length you would like your pouch to hang down to on your child’s chest.

Tie off both ends of the braid or cord.

Use 6 strands of matching embroidery floss to attach each end of the braid to the top two corners of the gnome sleeping bag. We just tacked ours on the front side.

You Waldorf Peg Gnomes are now ready to go for a ride in their Travel Gnome Pouch.

Please note that Traveling Gnome Pouch Pattern is not intended for children 3 and under. It should only be used by older children and under the supervision of an adult so that it does not pose a strangulation hazard.


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