Wooden Flowers Made From Drawer Pulls

Wooden Flowers Made From Drawer Pulls

Has Spring sprung in your wee world? It has in The Thicket, and there are now all sorts of flowers and plants hither and yon. An easy way to add some flora to your wee world is to simply paint some wooden drawer pulls.

Begin with any flat based drawer pulls. Mine are 1 1/2" wide.

Paint the "stem" and the top green.

Paint simple flower shapes on the top. You can make them look realistic or whimsical. There is no "right" way. Children's paintings will look just as lovely as yours!

When they are dry, they are ready to be planted in your gnome/fairy forest!


Pattern for the Flower Fairies can be found HERE.

Pattern for the Gnome Bunk Beds can be found HERE.

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Photos: 3-20-14, 3-20-14



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  1. These are cute!  They look like they would make perfect seats for some wooden dolls we have too.

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