Braided Barrettes

My children were little kiddos during the 80s. Michelle wore a jean jacket covered in pins, slouchy socks, and side ponytails. I also made her about a million sets of braided barrettes... colors to match every outfit! Funny, I made so many of these puppies I seriously think I could have braided them in my sleep. But today, when motivated to make a pair to go along with the new party dress I'm making for Fairy's up-and-coming birthday on Friday, I felt like I had 6 thumbs! (It wasn't soooo awkward that I felt like I was all thumbs!) Anyway, I had to play with it a while until I got the hang of it again. Trust me when I tell you that the second one practically made itself. It all came back... rather like riding a bike!

Perhaps braided barrettes are nostalgic for you or maybe you've never seen them before. One way or another, they are darn cute and worth making for yourself or some wee one in your life. They make super great birthday gifts and, of course, incredible stocking stuffers. The directions for our Braided Barrettes can be found HERE or in our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!


Brings it all back

I made a few of these when I was a kid. I love the addition of the flower buttons. I can't remember if I ever put beads on them. I think I did. The other thing around where I lived was to have feathers at the bottoms of the ribbon and for the ribbon to be down to the shoulders. With all the cute buttons available now the possibilities are endless. If only I had a girl. Maybe I will have to make some for friends just for the fun of it.


I made tons of these too...

...back in the day, that is. I think I may still have a few new and unused pair that got set aside for birthday presents or such. Guess they'll get passed down to the grand-girlies.

Crazy, someone just asked me

Crazy, someone just asked me four days ago if I knew of a tutorial for these. Yay! And total flashback, I had them and loved them! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Those bring back memories!

Those bring back memories!


Ah Nostalgia!

I made some of these back in the day...along with TONS of friendship bracelets!! Funny when I tried making some bracelets with my 7 yo, I just COULDN'T remember anything more than a 3-strand braid....the mind is a terrible thing to LOSE!! :) Thanks for a "refresher", maybe I'll have better luck with these!!

Thanks, your website is very

Thanks, your website is very helpful


These are so cute! I'll definitely be making some of these for Blossom. Thank you for that pattern. :-)

Brings back such memories...

My mom used to buy these for us...
I think I may try them for my little one...
THanks for the tute!

I can't believe you made

I can't believe you made these. I've been looking for directions for quite a while. I had them when I was a little girl and wanted to make some for my daughter, who finally has hair! The couple of places I found directions they just had illustrations which were very confusing to me. Your directions looked doable. I went out and bought supplies immediately and I already made 2 pair. I am so making these for gifts THANK YOU Kimara. You are a constant source of inspiration to me. And Michelle. Where does she find time to do anything with 3 kiddos and homeschooling? Which I'mn thinking about doing.

Braided Barretts

These are so cute! However, I can't get the directions. I click on the link and get a page that says access are not a crafting club member. I just registered and still get that message. I tried going in under free patterns; and got the same message. :(

thanks for all you share.

Nancy B (AZ)

Opps and Sorry!

Would help if I clicked the little button that says "publish"! Should be fine now. Thanks for letting me know and welcome!

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Thanks for the How-to. I

Thanks for the How-to. I remember seeing these on little girls when I was a teen. My daughter would love a pair of these but they'd have to be black and red with skulls or something else cool dangling on the ribbons. x