Scary Stories by the Fire


The gnome children have been busy all week getting ready for Halloween. Their normal garb is usually woodland colors so it is very exciting to be dressed in colorful and unusual costumes. 

Malena wanted to be a witch. She thought painting her face green and running around cackling would be great fun. Although her mother said she was being naughty, she thought it was ever so much fun scaring her little brother.

Dag wanted to be a clown. Although gnomes take their jobs very seriously, they also enjoy a hearty chuckle. Whenever possible, Dag likes to make his friends laugh. His father told him this was a very good quality indeed. This Halloween he wanted to make all his friends laugh!

Tabitta likes nothing better then writing stories about dragons and castles. She has never seen either, but she hopes she will some day. In the meantime, she likes to pretend she is a princess, and dreams about saving a prince in distress. She was rather disappointed Dag did not dress up like a prince.

Radolf thought it would be great fun to dress up like a mummy. He spent the whole year saving little bits of fabric that came in the biscuit tins his city cousins often sent them. He is beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea since it is very hard to move around. He is hoping none of the girls try to kiss him!

Axel is very pleased with the children’s costumes. He remembers dressing up as a child. As the host of this year’s party, it is his job to tell the children a spooky story before they join their other friends to go trick or treating through the woods. Alex is careful not to tell too spooky a story. The really scary stories will be saved for his friends long after the wee ones go to bed.

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