Advent Nativity

Advent Nativity

No Advent celebration is complete without a Nativity. Here, wooden peg people are turned into simple Joseph, Mary and Jesus figures. Although this is really a craft for 10 year olds and up, even the wee people in your family can help by painting the bodies, squirting glue, and, of course, positioning them over and over again.

The palm tree in the photo is from our Fontinini Nativity set. And, our gnomes are delighted to share one of their cradles for the Baby Jesus.

This is the activity for Week Four of our Advent Curriculum. The will find the outline for the unit HERE.


2 large wooden pegs –  3-9/16″ Tall x 1-1/8″ Wide

1 small wooden peg – 1-11/16″ Tall x 5/8″ Wide


2 pieces of homespun cloth, each piece 4″ x 6″

1 piece homespun cloth, 3″ x 3″

wool roving


crafting glue


Cut 2 pieces of homespun cloth 4″ x 6″. Fray the edges by removing some strings.

Cut 1 piece of homespun cloth 3″ x 3″. Also, fray the edges.

Note: homespun cloth is a woven fabric, usually a looser weave. The plaids are created by the woven threads and are not printed. The fabric drapes nicely. You certainly can use other fabrics, too. Homespun is just my preference.

Pull off small pieces of roving for Joseph’s beard and hair and Mary’s hair.

Place glue in a circle around Joseph’s face. You do not need to cover his entire head because it will be covered by the robe.

Wrap roving around head, creating a beard and hair.

Add a single line of glue to Mary.

Add Mary’s hair. Remember, you do not need to do the back.

Place glue on top of the heads.

Place the center of the rectangle of fabric on top of Mary and Joseph’s heads, letting the front fringe hang down slightly. The robe should be centered.

Press down firmly.

On the front, place 2 dots of glue, and glue the sides of the robe in place.

Turn the peg over. Place a line of glue down the back, like a spine.

Holding the front of the robe in place, glue the back 2 sides in place along the glue line.

Fold the back of the robe against the peg. Bring both sides of the robe around to the front and glue in place.

For the belt, wrap a piece of twine around the pegs and tie in place using a square knot. (Right over left, left over right.) Trim ends.

Place glue on the sides and bottom of Baby Jesus.

Place Baby Jesus on the homespun square, keeping his head below a corner. Bring the bottom up, folding down the bottom corner.

Wrap one side of the fabric square around Baby Jesus, then the other. Glue the end of the wrap in place.








  1. They are absolutely perfect. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are quite welcome, Reverie. Fast and easy to make, too. Always a plus 🙂 ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

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