Felt Fried Eggs and Bacon Directions

Felt Fried Eggs and Bacon Directions

          white felt
          yellow felt
          embroidery floss
          brown felt
          beige felt
          6 1/2″ pipe cleaner
          embroidery floss


1] Copy pattern and cut out 2 whites and 1 yolk for each egg. (Two different eggs are featured.)

2] Position yolk and blanket stitch around 3/4 of the yolk using 3 strands of embroidery floss. Stuff the yolk so it creates a mound without pulling up the sides of the whites. Blanket stitch around the remainder of the yolk.

3] Pin the top of the egg to the bottom of the egg. Pin in place. Using 3 strands of floss, blanket stitch the 2 pieces together.

1] Copy pattern and cut out 2 rectangular “meat” strips and 2 “fat” strips for each piece of bacon.


2] Position 1 piece of fat down the center of 1 rectangular meat strip. Refer to the pattern and using a running stitch and 3 strands of floss, attach the fat. Do the same to the other piece.



3] Turn one piece of bacon over. Place the pipe cleaner down the center of the rectangle making sure it is also centered length wise. Whip stitch the pipe cleaner to the bacon, making sure your stitches do not go all the way through to the front side.



4] Put the wrong sides of the bacon together and pin in place. Using 3 strands of floss, blanket stitch around all four edges of the bacon.



5} Crinkle the bacon by bending the pipe cleaners to give a realistic look to the bacon.



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  1. This is super cool! Felt is so much nicer than plastic. I can’t wait to make it. The kids will be thrilled.

    1. Hehe! I LOVE the green eggs. Wish I had thought about that back in my preschool teaching days. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for posting your patterns for these. I made them for my son – he’s been flipping eggs in his frying pan all afternoon.

    I appreciate all the time you ladies take to post these for the rest of us.

    1. Okay… this is just a hoot. Glad we could inspire you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just finished making my felt fried eggs, to make the eggs have a sensory element I put a layer of crinkly foil cut from a survival blanket in between the two white layers.

    Works well.

    Absolutely love the site and will be back to try out more patterns!

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