A Surprise for Britta

Britta awoke with mixed feelings. Today was St. Patrick’s Day, which meant the leprechauns would be leaving The Thicket for places unknown. “Perhaps, just perhaps”, she thought, “I may miss them just a wee bit.” But Britta was ready for the pranks to end and for order to be restored to her household.

She cautiously got out of bed, and tip toed around the room. “Surely the leprechauns wouldn’t leave without a final prank.” She made her way down the stairs, peeking around corners and watching each time she set a foot on the ground. When she entered the kitchen she stopped aburtly.

The leprechauns had been in the house during the night! There, hanging from the post, was a beautiful Rainbow Banner, and under the banner was a pot… “Could this be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?” she wondered. Slowly, she lifted the lid of the pot, and she gave out a wholehearted laugh.

The leprechauns had left her a pot of gold; a pot of golden honey, enough to last the family the entire year! Britta dipped her finger into the honey and took a taste. “Yum”, she said. “This will be far more useful to me than a silly old pot of gold!” In the distance she heard a soft chuckle. In a loud clear voice, to no one in particular, Britta said, “I will have to thank the leprechauns next year, when they return to The Thicket!”

The pattern for the Rainbow Banner can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Following the pattern, applique the rainbow strips to the front of the banner, then sew the front to the back using a blanket stitch. Using the pattern guide lines, sew two lines of running stitches to create a casing to hang the banner. For more detailed directions for making banners, check out the instructions for making the Valentine Banner. Enjoy!



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  1. What a perfectly delightful way to finish up this little series of stories. How clever. A pot of golden honey. We love your stories, Kimara. MORE PLEASE 🙂

    1. Does Britta have arms?
      If so how…I can’t find the pattern.
      I want arms too…LOL Thanks

      1. Britta and Axel are definitely more detailed than the standard gnomes. They have multiple layers of clothes, hair, face, and yes, arms. I do not have a pattern for them on the site. To be very honest, I’m not sure when and if I will. I made these special for my grandbabies!  

  2. We love your stories and all your projects. I can’t wait to make the banner. Question. What is in your pot? I can’t tell if it is a liquid or a solid. We love honey in our house and would like to add a honey pot to our gnome house.

    1. I actually tried a couple of different things I wasn’t satisfied with, but then Tim suggested wax. DUH! I used melted soy flakes with natural color. All natural and safe for child’s play. 

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