Pixie Knits!

Pixie Knits!

After bath time last night, my barely five year old Pixie brought me a skein of yarn and asked if I could teach her to knit. I think the kids know that the best way to delay bed time around here is with impromptu crafting. I also believe it was encouraged by our history reading yesterday in which our book on colonial life said that children as young as four where taught to knit. Either way, how could I turn down such a sweet request.

Pixie took to it immediately and was probably my fastest student yet. I cast on and demonstrated the first row. After that, in true Pixie fashion of “I can do it” she took the needles from me and was off and knitting all by herself.

It just makes me smile to see the littlest fingers performing beautiful, useful work. If you haven’t picked up the needles yet… take some time to explore our Newbie Knitting Series.

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  1. What a beautiful child. Those eyes. So soulful!

    I learned to knit when I was 5 on the lap of my Auntie Jen. Loved it from the very first moment I held those needles. I wound up getting an BFA in textiles. Sometimes your first love is your true love!!! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your joy of creating.

    1. I share your same memories… except I never met Auntie Jen… my muse and mentor was Grandma Pearl. I wound up getting a degree in home economics. It was an early love of mine, too!

  2. My oldest daughter learned to knit when she was four, too. She started by sitting on my lap, wrapping the yarn over the needle each time, and before I knew it, she had stolen my project and was off and knitting 🙂 Pixie looks like a natural!

    1. I remember the first thing I made was a diaper cover. On my first project my Grandma Pearl had me increasing and decreasing. I didn't realize it was an advanced skill. She failed to mention that, so I just did it!

  3. Great work Pixie! It looks like you are a natural!

    I learned how to crochet when I was just a wee one, but had to teach myself how to knit as an adult. Since I am still learning, I have only taught my kids how to crochet. My 9 y.o. son LOVES to crochet, and makes potholders for his teachers. My 7 y.o. daughter has just taken to it, too, and is working on a scarf right now. Great activities to keep their hands busy and out of trouble!

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