Bone Number Appliques

Bone Number Appliques

NOTE: Although the number 5 is depicted in the applique, numbers 0 – 9 are included on the pattern.

So… when could you possibly need numbers in the shape of bones? Well… if you’re:

making doggie birthday bandannas
anything Halloween related
have a little pirate in your life
are doing a dinosaur or archeology unit

Having just made the pups their birthday bandannas, I plan to change the number every year. The numbers on the pattern are small enough to work well on a bandanna, however, the numbers can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. I enlarged the pattern to 120% to fit on our 6" x 6" blocks.

I sewed the numbers to the bandannas and felt using a running stitch and 2 strands of floss. Next year I will remove the number 1 from the birthday bandanna and add a number 2. While creating my applique block, I added little curved lines to the ends of the bones to give added definition. I used a stem stitch and 6 strands of floss. For the numbers 0 and 8, add the end of the bone line using a stem stem and 3 – 6 strands of floss. Also, you may or may not chose to make lines on the number 4. If you do, use a stem stitch and 3 – 6 strands of floss. The pattern for the Applique Bone Numbers can be found HERE.


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  1. So cute! Thanks for the pattern!

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