Britta’s Bed

Every summer Britta and Axel, along with their children, leave the Thicket and head to the city to visit Britta’s sister, Greta and her family. When they go, Britta makes sure to bring gifts from the Thicket including acorn jam, dried mushrooms and toys for the children whittled from wood. In turn, Greta and her family come to the Thicket to spend the Christmas holidays. They never come empty handed. There are many things Greta and her husband Eldar can find in the city that are not available to the Thicket gnomes. They bring buttons and small bolts of cloth. Cooking pots and books. But this year, they brough special gifts for Britta and the family. Something that she never even dreamed of owning… their very own city bed! No longer will they need to use their sleeping bags. Beds! Britta is so excited the first night in her new bed she can barely sleep! Britta decides here and now to make something extra special for her sister’s family.

If you would like to craft your own Gnome City Bed like the one Eldar made or a mattress and pillow like Greta made, click HERE or the directions can be found with the FREE patterns. Enjoy! 



  1. That is just adorable. And many thanks for posting it, as it gives me an idea of what to do with the wooden box the clementine oranges came in. I hated to just throw it out so I put it on a shelf in the garage hoping for some inspiration. And this was it. I’m going to make a doll bed for my husband’s granddaughter. For next Christmas… since this Christmas is already taken care of.

  2. You have some very lucky gnomes. My children are getting a gnome home for Christmas. I did make 2 gnomes from your pattern. Over the next year we will be decorating our gnome house using Wee Folk Art as our own personal Better Gnomes and Gardens 🙂 hehe Thank you for your kindness in sharing so much. God Bless you both and have a wonderful Christmas.



  3. This is surely wonderfull! I’m definately going to make one, make some gnomes happy and warm in these snowfull and cold winter nights!

    thanks for the great instructions!

  4. i love the royal treatment you give those sweet little gnomes of yours. wish we lived closer and could adopt you into our own family! 😉

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