Bug’s Roman Soldier

Bug’s Roman Soldier

For anyone that blogs, especially those of us that blog almost daily, you can understand how we have a tendency to rate things in terms of “blog worthiness”. Get a new sweater for your birthday… not blog worthy. By a wool sweater at Goodwill, felt it, and turn it into a doll crib… blog worthy. Go out to a 5 star restaurant… not blog worthy. Bake a gluten free cake… blog worthy. Michelle and I can’t help it. When we do something, we are apt to grab our cameras and say, “We can blog about this.”

This morning, 7 year old Bug announced he was going to make a Roman soldier (they are studying Ancient Rome right now). He asked for access to my felt scraps and pegs. With very little help, he made himself a Roman soldier. He was very proud of it when he was done… so proud that he turned to me and said, “You can blog about this, Gammy.” 

They went home… I made corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day… and they came back later for dinner. When they returned, he was rather disappointed that I had not put his Roman soldier up yet. So… I am very proud to share with everyone, his Roman soldier… and, yes, Bug, it is blog worthy! 



  1. so funny how kids see our modern lives. his roman soldier is blog worthy, indeed! 😉

  2. When you were playing with your soldier at the dinner table, I didn’t know *YOU* made it. I thought it was one of Gammy’s. What a wonderful job you did. A very fierce looking warrior, I must say.

  3. What a beautifull work ! Congratulations to Bug for this soldier!
    (Have you seen on my blog the little game I made inspired by Michelle’s “Princess and the pea” activity? Thanks for all the inspiration you give!)

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