Cherry Party Dress

Cherry Party Dress

Being raised with three brothers and no sisters there wasn’t much room in my life for fussy dresses. I needed to run, jump, hang upside down from monkey bars and generally do things that dresses tended to balk at. But, oh, for the holidays, my mother insisted I wore super girly dresses, with petticoats and matching hats and shoes. I crossed my arms, I frowned, I stamped my foot, to no avail. I HAD to wear a dumb dress. My brothers snickered, and I stormed out of the room.

They say confession is good for the soul… so here’s mine. I actually loved the dresses. I felt like a princess. I could twirl and the fabric whirled around me like an opened parasol.  I remember my very favorite. It was a Christmas dress. The skirt was made out of yards of white satin, the top was red velvet. The very best part were the rhinestones embedded in the velvet. I remember twirling and the lights from the Christmas tree bounced off the rhinestone covering the ceiling with magical constellations just for me.

I still don’t like dresses. I much prefer clothing that is comfortable and is willing to be my cohort in whatever mischief and mayhem I may instigate. But here’s another confession… sometimes I still like to dress up and feel like a princess. All the better if it has a skirt that twirls and swirls!

Today we are sharing a party dress… especially designed for twirling. And, of course, a cluster of cherries has been added to the over skirt using a reduced version of our Cherries Applique. Enjoy!

Based on our Cherries Applique

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  1. You must be wearing the wrong kind of dresses  🙂  I gave up wearing slacks/jeans years ago.  It’s so wonderful -no more binding on the legs, tight waistbands when bending over.  The right dress (and leggings) can do anything.  There isn’t anything here on the farm that I can’t do in a dress.  If Colonial women managed to settle this continent in whalebone corsets and farthingales, I can manage in the 21st century in a simple cotton dress.

    But at the same time, there’s nothing like a fancy, twirly party dress  🙂


    1. Actually, I do wear no fuss dresses, too. I love the no bind concept. I have a denim jumper that I’m particularly partial to. I especially like the long dresses so I don’t need to worry about sitting all lady like 🙂 ~Kimara~


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