Contour Clip Barrette Cover Directions

Contour Clip Barrette Cover Directions

Once you get started making barrette covers, you’ll be addicted! You can sew them by hand or machine. In some cases you can applique before you sew fronts and backs together, in other cases you’ll have to wait until the barrettes are attached. Go wild or just leave them plain, the choice is yours.


Felt scraps
Bling – ribbons, buttons, appliqués, lace, etc.
Embroidery floss
Contour clip barrettes


1] Copy the pattern.

2] If you are using a different size barrette you will need to make 2 patterns. First, close the barrette and trace it on paper. This will be your stitching line. Then add 1/8” around the shape. This will be your cutting line. Cut 2 pieces of felt for each barrette.

3] Next, clip the barrette to the edge of the paper as far as you can. Trace. This will be used as a guide later.

4] If using the 2” Goody contour barrettes cut out 2 pieces for each barrette.


5] Using 3 strands of floss, blanket stitch the 2 pieces together. You may prefer to use a running stitch. If you do, use 3 strands of floss and make a close running stitch along the stitching line.

6] On one side lay the pattern guide on the seam line. Mark the upper edge. This will be used as your cutting line.

7] Using very sharp, pointy scissors, cut along the line. CAUTION: be care to only cut through the back piece of felt.


8] Open the barrette and slip the front all the way down into the pocket you created. The back clip and the top of the barrette will be visible.

9] Careful stretch the “hood” over the top of the barrette.


10] Whip stitch the slit closed.



11] The barrette is now ready to wear plain or to be decorated.




12] Make the same as above except sew on the machine. If you are adding lace or ribbons sew them on before you stitch the 2 pieces together.



13] If you would like to use pinking or scalloped shears, cut your barrettes out slightly bigger. Mark the stitching line.



14] Now use your pinking shears to cut off the access material leaving a uniform edge around the barrette.


Note about patterns: We are sharing patterns we have designed and made for our own children, families and friends. Every effort is made to share information in a clear and accurate manner. We offer preemptive apologies for any mistakes that may be made. Please let us know via comments or emails if you stumble upon a mistake or if you encounter directions that leave your scratching your head! We will rectify the situation as soon as humanly possible!

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  1. These are super cute! Can’t wait to make one… or twenty!

  2. I wonder, do you think these would work if one didn’t completely enclose the clip and made it more like a cover? I’m thinking they could be interchangeable, and also removable for washing if they get dirty. But I’ve never made one (not yet) and I don’t know how tightly it would stay on if you just stretch the hood over the round end of the clip.

    I love the idea. I love hair addornments but can’t ever find ones to match my mood or outfit, plus I’d love to make some for my niece to wear.

    Thank you for the idea and tutorial.

    1. Yes, you could fore go whipstitching the cover on. I do it for a few reasons. First, it will stay in place better. Long ago I use to make them without the hood and they would slide off. The hood keeps it in place, and the whip stitching holds it on. If you don’t whip stitch it, eventually the felt will stretch and you might have problems with them falling off, but it should be fine, at least for a while. Second, the barrettes themselves are inexpensive. I use to buy Goody, but Michelle discovered Dritz Quilt Binding Clips which are identical to the barrettes. They were in a package of 30, on sale, for practically nothing! (Find them in the quilting section of craft stores.) Finally, none of the barrette covers that I make can be "washed". The are made out of felt wool, so I wouldn’t take them off and launder them anyway. So… to summarize 🙂 … you do not NEED to whip stitch them in place, but given the above reasons, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t. Besides, they look totally cute hanging from ribbons… so by day, cute hair clips, by night, room decor!!!

      If you get some made, make sure you share them on Wee Folk Art’s Flickr Group. Have fun!  

  3. Hi,

    Are you cutting the felt with just a pair of scissors or some other tool? I am creatively challenged and have been able to make 2 clips as a test run but my issue is the cutting and edging…..


    1. I keep promising to do a Felt Course. I am going to have to make sure I get to it after the Holidays.

      One of the biggest secrets of great looking felt projects is to have clean cut edges. I have a couple of tricks I use. FIRST, and I can’t stress this enough, get yourself very sharp scissors. I use Fiskars Razor Edged Scissors. If you go to the Tabs at the very top of the page and click on the "TOOL" tab, I list a few of the tools I use all the time. The gray handled Fiskar scissors are at my side ALWAYS! I also own the Fiskar Sharpener, also on that page, and sharpen the scissors regularly. They give a straight and very fine cut.

      Then, when I’m cutting out felt, I use wide packing tape. I cut out a paper pattern rather close to the cutting edge. I then place the pattern on top of the felt and tape all the edges of the felt down. Now, when I cut, nothing slides. Also, if you use pins, you can get some distortion of the cutting edge. If your felt is off slightly when you are cutting, you will definitely see it in a finished piece.

      Final secret. If you have to cut out 2 pieces of felt that are suppose to be sewn together… like the barrettes above, ALWAYS cut them out together so they are EXACTLY the same size. Start by cutting out the 2 pieces of felt about 1/2" – 1" larger than then pattern. Then cut out the pattern as explained above and tape it on the front piece BUT this time, let your tape overhang the top piece of felt by 1 or 2 inches. Now, flip over the pattern and 2 pieces of felt. Using the extending tape, tape the back piece of felt. IMPORTANT: The tape can pull and slightly stretch felt. If you are only cutting out 1 piece of felt, the tape will not touch the shape you are cutting out because it is under paper. But for a back piece, there will be tape directly on the felt. Use only enough tape to hold the pieces together. Do not press the tape down hard. And make sure there is always a part of the felt exposed on the back piece of felt that has no tape on it. This will be the spot you will use to help remove the tape.

      At some point in time I will post a tutorial with pics. I hope in the meantime this helps you out. But the biggest suggestion: USE RAZOR SHARP SCISSORS!

      1. Thank you for the suggestions on cutting felt properly. I understand the “sharp scissors” advice but I am unsure about the taping of the pattern explanation. Are you taping the paper pattern to the felt slightly and then cutting through the tape? Or are you taping the felt to the table? I am an experienced sewer but somewhat new to felt and want really professional results. Thanks for your assistance!

        1. I decided the easiest way to answer your question is with a tutorial that includes pics. I’ll get something posted tonight, so check back then 🙂

  4. I just bought clips to give this idea a try before seeing your posting. I was searching out your crafts for some ideas of adornments and Wa-La! You have an entire tutorial. Thanks!! I was wondering how I was going to stretch over the back of the clip and now that problem is sorted out for me.

    Now if only you have any suggestions for how to make some small felt dragons or other creatures for my son to carry around or wear I would be silly with glee!

    1. Glad you found the pattern you needed. As for the dragons and such, I just added a post-it note to my wall that says… "dragons-wear or carry". I’ll play with some ideas. My grandson would love it too, which always moves things to the top of my to-do heap!  

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