Contour Clip Barrette Covers

Contour Clip Barrette Covers

I am notorious for losing, oh, let’s call it misplacing, things. My son has a Montblanc pen. He’s had it forever. NEVER give me anything of value unless it is screwed to my person. I go through pens and pencils like they were kleenex. I have no idea what I do with them… they just disappear. I’m also awful with hair clips. Pairs of barrettes soon become solos. So I can hardly get upset with young children for losing their hair clips. For that reason, when making barrettes for Pixie and Fairy, I wanted some that were super quick and easy to make, so when they inevitably get lost, it’s no big deal.


Today, I’m sharing apattern for felt covered contour barrettes. They are cheap to buy, quick to stitch up, and cute as can be. The thing I like about my design is the “hood” in the back. Unlike barrette covers that can slide out of the cover, this design will keep the barrette snug as a bug in a rug! I plan to make a mountain more, but I did want to get the pattern on pdq in case anyone would like to make a few for Easter basket tuck ins. Because they are so fast to make, they also would be great to give as party favors, or put together a little basket with 4 or 5 pairs for a special gift. The directions can be found in our FREE Open patterns, but this is just a start. Let your imagination run wild! Enjoy!




  1. Thanks so much for the great tute. I’ve made these before and I always had trouble with the outside slipping off. Your hood is a great idea. I can’t wait to try these out when I get home tonight! OMG what big eyes your little one has. They are both cuties.

  2. Question. Could you do the same thing with the regular straight barrettes? I have a ton of them but I’m not sure if they would slip around. Does that make sense. I can always go buy the clip ones. I’m sure that they’re not that expensive but if I can use what I have already, I will. Very cute. I like the little sheep in the directions. I want to make everything on your blog.

    1. Although I’m sure we could come up with some way of covering them, this pattern won’t work. The contour clip barrettes "pop" closed so you don’t need to worry about securing them. I’m not sure exactly what type of barrettes you have. If you would like to email a pic of them, I could give you some suggestions on how to cover them. Just email us at  

  3. I have to make these cute barrettes sometimes! Right now I’m making your cute felt eggs!

    Wishing you a happy easter!

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