Seaside Gnome Bed, Shelf, Bookcase and Larder

Seaside Gnome Bed, Shelf, Bookcase and Larder

Here a few wee projects to help turn the seaside house into a home. Find out how to make a larder shelf, bed, bookcase and shelf for your gnomes.

shelves and bed Collage

Now that you are done making the Seaside Gnome Home you are going to want to help your gnomes decorate! Begin with these simple projects. Add a shelf to the house to create a larder, perfect for storing food and other supplies. Convert a small wooden chest into a bed and a bookcase. Finally, make a small shelf to keep books and candles in easy reach. Of course, you don’t need a seaside gnome home to use these. They would be great for any of your gnomes, fairies and for doll houses.

seaside gnome house 6 740wm

You can find the directions for making your own Seaside Gnome House HERE

Materials Needed
  • small wooden chest (ours measured 4 1/2″ x 3″ x 1 3/4″ that we bought at a local craft shop.
  • acrylic, soy or other non-toxic water based paints
  • craft glue
  • 3/16″ basswood (found in craft and hobby shops) We save the left overs from our Seaside Gnome Home and used them here. Our original piece was 4″ deep by 36″ wide
  • 3/4″ mini wooden candle holders or other small pieces of wood for legs of bed

Seaside Gnome Home Larder Shelf

Measure the inside of your opening of your Seaside Gnome Home. Cut your piece of of 3/16″ basswood that size. You want the board to fit tightly without bowing. Be careful not to cut it too short. You need it to touch the 2 side walls of the house along with the back. After you have cut the width, cut the shelf so it will be 2″ deep.

Paint the front, top and bottom of the shelf. Do not paint the 2 side edges or the back. The glue will adhere better without paint.

seaside bed and bookcase 16 545wm

Decide where you want your shelf placed and make a light pencil mark on both side walls to use as a guide. We placed our shelf 1 1/2″ below the ceiling. Put glue on the unpainted side edges and back.

seaside bed and bookcase 17 545wm

Position the shelf in the house. Your larder shelf should be parallel to the ceiling. We put a box of mac and cheese, which was 1 1/2″ wide, between the ceiling and the shelf to make sure it dried straight.

seaside bed and bookcase 18 545wm

Seaside Gnome Home Shelf

Again, using left over 3/16″ basswood from the Seaside Gnome Home, cut a shelf 4 1/4″ x 1″.  Cut 2 small right angle triangles that will be used for support. Paint the shelf and supports. Do not paint the edges that will be glued to the wall.

seaside bed and bookcase 12 545wm

Glue the 2 supports to the shelf. Place them 3/4″ from either side. Lay the shelf on a protected surface and make sure the back of the supports and the back edge of the shelf are touching the surface. You want this to be even so the supports and shelf will touch the wall will you attach it to the house.

seaside bed and bookcase 13 545wm

seaside bed and bookcase 14 545wm

Decide where you want the shelf positioned. We wanted ours right over the bed so books could be stored for easy reading. Place glue on the back edge of the shelf and supports and glue to the wall. The shelf should be parallel to the larder shelf and ceiling.

seaside bed and bookcase 15 545wm

Seaside Gnome Home Bed

Purchase a small wooden chest. Ours measured 4 1/2″ x 3″ x 1 3/4″ that we bought at a local craft shop.

seaside bed and bookcase 1 545wm

Remove the hardware from the chest.

seaside bed and bookcase 3 545wm

Paint the inside and outside of the top and bottom of the chest. Also paint the 4 legs.

seaside bed and bookcase 4 545wm

We used the top of the chest for the bed. It was the smaller of the two pieces. Put the other piece aside for the bookshelf. On the underside of the bed, make 4 marks in the corners where you want to position the feet. We placed ours 1″ from either side.

seaside bed and bookcase 5 545wm

Glue the feet to the bed.

seaside bed and bookcase 6 545wm

Using the back of a paintbrush, add dots to the sides and top edge of the bed.

seaside bed and bookcase 7 545wm

seaside bed and bookcase 8 545wm

Seaside Gnome Home Bookcase

To make the bookcase, use the larger piece of the chest. Again, using left over 3/16″ basswood from the Seaside Gnome Home, cut a 2 shelves the inside measurement of your bookcase. The width of the shelves should be the depth of the box. Our shelves were 2 5/8″ x 3/4″.

Decide where you want the shelves placed and make light pencil markers to add in placement. We made our shelves evenly spaced.

Paint the shelves. When dry add glue to the 2 sides and back of the shelves.

seaside bed and bookcase 9 545wm

Position in the bookcase.

seaside bed and bookcase 10 545wm

seaside bed and bookcase 11 545wm



  1. Very neat ideas. Really like your site.
    Thank you

    1. Kimara

      Thank you so much. Also feel free to add any ideas you might have, too. Always welcome! ((hugs))


  2. I love the shelves and bed that you’ve made for the Gnome’s seaside home. They are adorable, and so easy to make, if one follows your instructions. I’ve made my Gnomes a lovely little bed out of an empty tissue box, which I cut in half, and reinforced with extra pieces of cardboard. I think my Gnomes like their bed, because they haven’t complained, yet. I made their mattress out of flannel stuffed with cotton wool, and made their blankets out of northern fleece, which I had leftover from another project. They have a nice long pillow that is made from flannel and stuffed with cotton wool. I wish I could show the bed to you, but my laptop can’t upload photos from my digital camera. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us all!


    1. Kimara

      Thanks for all the great ideas you share.

      I do tend to make things out of wood because they get so much play but I have also fashioned paper containers like match boxes and shoe boxes into remarkably durable projects.

      Calleen will be making a mattress, pillow and quilt for their new bed… she just hasn’t gotten around to it yet 😉 Here is a link to beds I made for our Forest Gnomes.

      Thanks for sharing, Janet. ((hugs))


  3. Is basswood the same as balsa wood ?

    1. Kimara

      No, they are 2 different types of wood often used in models.

      I am not an expert on wood… I chose basswood because that’s what Tim threw in the cart at Joann’s 🙂 Instead of speculating, here’s an article I found that compares the two.

      Rather sounds like you can use either. I loved working with the basswood but both are available at Michael’s and Joann’s so I guess it’s just a matter of preference or what you have on hand.


  4. I hosted a “No Gnome Home Alone” gnome-making program for my quilting guild this past Tuesday. What a great time was had by all! Everyone enjoyed the opportunity for some embroidery–we had lots of fun and were inspired by your website. Thanks for all the joy this brings to our lives!

    1. Kimara

      Oh what fun! Do you have a website where you shared pics. Would love to see what you all worked on. I’m so glad you can pull inspiration from our site. We love what we do and it makes it ever so much more fun when we hear other people do to! ((hugs))


      1. Kimara, so sorry, but I was so busy I didn’t take any pictures. I think some other people did, so I will wait for the monthly newsletter and post some pictures after they publish it in about three weeks.

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