Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments Tutorial

Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments Tutorial

These Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments are a fun craft for adults and kids alike. With just two simple stitches, a bit of craft glue, and a small amount of wool felt, you can play with different shapes to make a bunch of different Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments.

Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments Materials

Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments Directions

Begin by cutting out 3 base circles of felt. You can you the pattern provided or trace the top of a mason jar lid. You will need two felt circles for the outside and one felt circle that will be seen through the cut away window.

You can trace or draw a window shape onto the top felt circle with the disappearing marker or tape the pattern shape in place.

Fold the felt circle in half and make a small nip with the scissors.

Unfold the felt circle and carefully cut away the window shape by sliding the scissors into the nip that you made. Sharp scissors with a fine point work the best for this step.

Once your cut away window has been completed, cover the back side of the felt circle with craft glue. Be sure to get all the small overhanging felt edges.

Align the window circle on top of the center contrasting circle. Press firmly.

You now have two options; you can either leave the felt window just glued or outline the felt window with hand-stitching.

To hand-stitch around the window shape, use two strands of a contrasting embroidery floss and a back-stitch. Sew in a straight light just slightly bigger than the window shape.

When your Cut Away Window shape layer is complete, use 6 strands of a matching embroidery floss to blanket stitch all three felt circles together.

Stop when you have about an inch left.

Lightly stuff your felt ornament with a small amount of fiber fill or wool bating.

Finish blanket stitching your ornament closed and add a loop for hanging.

Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments Tutorial

Try a variety of different shapes for your Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments.

Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments Pattern


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