Doily Crafts – Versatile and Beautiful

Doily Crafts – Versatile and Beautiful

Whether you make your own, buy new, or find at flea markets, doilies no longer belong in grandma’s attic! Doily Crafts are everywhere! When making doily crafts you can use the whole doily, as a piece of art, or use pieces of the doilies to create new and exciting projects. Three cheers for the versatile doily!
doilies Collage
Please, oh please, tell me someone else does this…
You start collecting things for a project… let’s say doilies… and over a few years you pick them up at flea markets and garage sales. Your collection is getting prestigious… enough for a museum exhibit! Then, one day, while straightening up your craft room… which is a novelty in and of itself… you happen upon this impressive collection, and try as you might, you can’t remember what project you had in mind when you started collecting them!!!
I hate to admit how MANY times over the years this has happened to me!

Anyway… Tuesday morning, I was sitting there with a stack of embroidered doilies in front of me. Some of them were new… still had tags on them… and some of them were quite old… with stains that were acquired decades ago… and I’m trying to remember what I had in mind for them. Sure, over the years I’ve seen many doily crafts and I’ve thought to myself, “Hey, you have a bunch of those!” BUT I do remember that originally I wanted them for something specific… oh, what was it?

Oh well… I’ve got other stacks with similar stories. There are embroidered handkerchiefs and antique buttons. There are wooden thread spools… and heaven help me on this one… bottle caps. Originally, they all had a purpose. Do I remember them today, uh, no.

But moving right along, since I no longer remember exactly WHY I started collecting doilies, I’m in a great position right now to try my hand at some of the wonderful doily crafts that are waiting to be made. Below I’ve shared 11 such projects and there are a hundred more out there. Some of them have tutorials and others are there just to provide inspiration. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, especially if you are like me and have a stack that you have collected for some reason you no longer remember!



  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I do collect things with projects in mind, such as doilies, boxes, material, whatever. You are not alone. Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully they will help me diminish my stash.
    Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

    1. Kimara

      Let me know if you do. Might give me the encouragement I need 😉 ~Kimara~

  2. What a relief to find I’m not alone in this, or crazy 😉 so many collections, ideas always buzzing and changing, then I decide I just like them so continue to collect 😉

    1. Kimara

      Nothing wrong with that 🙂 I always hold the hope that one day I shall be inspired to put all those years of collecting to good use! ~Kimara~

  3. Hi Kimara! I loved all of the doily projects! Especially the one with doilies on jars with a votive candle inside. So lovely! Could you do that with paper doilies as well?

    1. Kimara

      I think it would be fine as long as the paper is on the outside. I think cloth doilies would mold around the curves of a jar easier, but if you carefully glued the paper doily on, perhaps misting it while you worked with it, you could probably get it to work. It would still give the same look and make lovely patterns with the candle was lit. ~Kimara~

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