Ombre Painted Pinecones Fall Craft

Ombre Painted Pinecones Fall Craft

Inspired by Wimzeecal’s Ombre Pinecone Tutorial, which we have link to before, we decided to kick off our fall crafting with some of our own Ombre Painted Pinecones. I complete one ombre painted pinecone myself, but the girls quickly took over and added their own spin to the project. It wasn’t long before we had a whole table full of festive looking pinecones. These ombre painted pinecones are a great fall, kids craft.

ombre painted pinecones

Fairy used the ombre technique to create shaded, monochromatic pinecones. Pixie on the other hand chose to give her pinecone a rainbow treatment.

ombre painted pinecones rainbow

Ombre Painted Pinecones Materials

  • Clean, dry pinecones
  • Craft paint in three or more similar colors
  • Paint brush
  • Dish or paint pallet

ombre painted pinecones materials

Ombre Painted Pinecones Directions

Choose 3 or more paint colors and add them to your pallet.

Paint a couple rows of pinecone petals with the darkest color on just the tips.

ombre painted pinecones painting

Mix a bit of the first color with the second color of paint for a gradual transition. There is no need to clean your brush between rows. Paint a few more rows.

ombre painted pinecones mix paint

Use the second color to paint the next series of rows. Continue in this manner until you have slowly shifted between all your colors and/or have reached the top of your pinecone.

ombre painted pinecones finished

We also made some solid colored dried brushed painted pinecones. We haven’t finished these yet, but I imagine that we will eventually have a whole rainbow of pinecones.

fall colors painted pinecones


What to do with your completed Ombre Painted Pinecones?

The kids said that they would make a great forest where the gnomes could hide. The green pinecones would make great pine trees. For the holidays, I can imagine adding a little glitter and maybe some red pom-pom to make mini Christmas trees.

ombre painted pinecones forest

A bowl of ombre painted pinecones makes a great autumn decoration. Add some cinnamon oil to the pinecones and they will not only look great, but smell great too!

ombre painted pinecones bowl

Tuck a few ombre painted pinecones into your favorite wreath.

Add a few here and there around the house as part of your fall decor.

ombre painted pinecones squirrel

Add a string and the painted pinecones become a great Christmas ornament.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Wonderful pinecones! We have a pine tree nearby. I’d love to try this!

    1. Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

      Thanks. The kids loved doing this project. When you collect your pine cones, be sure to let them dry out completely. The drier they are, the more they open up. Have fun. 🙂

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