Field Trip – Tractor Pulled Wagon Ride

Field Trip – Tractor Pulled Wagon Ride


It has been another perfectly beautiful fall day. We got out to apple orchard to get in our wagon ride pulled by a tractor. Of course we had to pick apples, watch the cider press and eat lots of hot, fresh doughnuts too.


With all these apples we now have on hand… I may pull ahead some of our Apple Stories for next week and save The Little Red Hen for a few weeks from now.

I think following my pre-planned schedule exactly for three weeks in a row was a ‘good run’ lol. The joy of homeschooling, life happens and you get to embrace it rather than stress about working around it. I envision a week filled with applesauce and apple pies. Yumm!

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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