Finally Done with the Hobby Horses!

Finally Done with the Hobby Horses!

I finally finished the hobby horses. Boy, these sure have been a long undertaking. It’s not that making the individual horses took that long, but when you design something instead of following a pattern, you wind up with a couple beta runs and there’s usually at least some “tweakage”! The last piece was trying to decide how to best attach the heads to the dowel rods. Then, in the last moments, I decided I wanted tags, so I printed some paper and put together a label. BUT I LOVE THEM! I am very satisfied with how they turned out and I can’t wait to give them to Bug (Lightning), Fairy (Daisy) and Pixie (Iris). I do plan to eventually write up instructions for the horses…obviously, at this point, it will be after Christmas. But now I can check one more project off the list. Here’s some pics of the herd.



  1. I haven’t seen these in person yet… since Gammy has been hiding them from the kiddos. They turned out amazing! They kids are going to love them.

  2. oh my gosh! those are SOOOOO cute ^_^…

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