Gnome for the Holidays Applique Block

We would be remiss is we didn’t share a Santa… Wee Folk Art style. Here is our little Gnome for the Holidays Applique Block. I started with our basic Gnome Applique Block, increased the pattern by 200%, added a beard (there is great swirly detail in the beard that is hard to discern in the photo) and dressed him in a Santa suit. This morning Bug told me we needed a Santa in the gnome house. “You’re right” I said. I was thinking about some of the changes I would make to the basic Wooden Peg Gnomes, and then thought I should include the design in an applique block. Unlike most of our applique blocks that are 6″ x 6″, this little guy is 6″ x 12″. He can easily be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. I’m thinking if enlarged, it would make a great banner! The pattern for the Gnome for the Holiday Applique Block can be found HERE or with our FREE appliques. Enjoy!



  1. He is perfect! I am just finishing up a small Christmas quilt [better late than never] and I had one more long block to do something with. This will be perfect. [I used several of your applique blocks with Christmas colored cotton appliques.] Thanks for sharing all your talents with us and for free. Christmas Blessings to you, Michelle and your lovely family.

  2. Thank you for the Santa applique block. Would love a peg gnome version!

  3. A Christmas Gnome! you rock! many, many thanks from me and all the other lovers of all things ‘g-nomen’….


  4. 🙂 He’s a cutie!

    I haven’t forgotten my promise of sending my baking treats your way. I have been busy in the kitchen for the past few days and hope to send all my presents out by the end of this week.


  5. The crafty goodness just doesn’t stop over here!! I love it.. I so enjoyed they turkey block and i am thinking I may make a mini wall banner with this one.. that would be soooooo cute on a kid’s shirt too

  6. I am SO going [to try] to make this for Christmas. At the very least I want to make some of your peg gnomes. Gnome for the Holidays… I LOVE THAT! Thank you for the patterns, Kimara.

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