Gnome Princess Costume for Autumn Celebrations!

Gnome Princess Costume for Autumn Celebrations!

Whether your Gnomes have been invited to a Harvest Celebration or plan to go out for Trick or Treats, they are sure to be the most regal witches around in their Gnome Princess Costume!

gnome princess costume

Most gnomes wear fairly plain clothing on a day to day basis. What could be more fun than to dress up like a princess for a celebration? And with this costume, they don’t have to give up wearing their beloved gnome hats! I’m sure this lovely Mama Gnome and her fair Lass will be the belles of the ball in their Gnome Princess Costume!

Materials for Gnome Princess Costume

Directions for Gnome Princess Costume

NOTE: Wooden pegs can vary in size, even from the same company. We suggest you make a copy of the pattern, cut it out of paper, and “try it on” your wooden pegs. Make adjusts to the paper pattern before cutting out your felt.

Make a copy of the pattern and cut out felt pieces as follows:

Hat and body wrap Color A
Cape Color B

Sew ribbons or lace to body wrap.

gnome princess costume

gnome princess costume

Glue on body wraps.

gnome princess costume

Using 6 strands of contrasting floss, blanket stitch around the outer edge of the cape. DO NOT blanket stitch along the neck. Sew a running stitch along the curved neck using 6 strands of floss. Leave long lengths of floss on either side of the cape for tying.

gnome princess costume

If you would like, glue a piece of lace or ribbon around the neck. Position the cape so the center back of the cape lines up with the body wrap seam. First, tightly tie the cape to the gnome at the neckline and knot. Then tie a bow. Decide how long you want to leave the ties and knot each end separately at that point. This will prevent the floss from unraveling. Cut off the extra floss below the knot. Place a small dab of glue on the knot on the bow to prevent the bow from coming untied.

gnome princess costume

To make a “crown”, sew lace to the bottom curve of the hat.

gnome princess costume

Attach a piece of ribbon to the inside of the hat so it will stick up out of the hat point. Gather the ribbon end and sew it to the hat. Be careful to keep the stitching on the inside fibers of the hat so the stitching will not be visible on the front. The ribbon should overhang the hat by 3″. Cut a “V” out of the end of the ribbon.

gnome princess costume

With wrong sides together fold the hat in half lining up edges. Sew a 1/8” hat seam using 2 strands of matching floss and a running stitch. When you get to the top of the hat, allow the ribbon to stick out the top and finish stitching the hat closed.

Place a line of crafting glue on the inside of the hat near the bottom edge. Position the hat on the gnome tilting it slightly backward.


Your gnomes are now ready for a fun night at a Harvest Celebration or out for Trick or Treats!




  1. How adorable! I love the gnome princess outfits! They are so rich looking, and gorgeous. My little girl gnome wanted the princess costume as soon as she saw it! I’ll be making a princess gnome very soon! Thanks for the lovely idea!

    Happy Autumn to all of your little ones! <3 <3

    1. Kimara

      Thank you so much! If you have a Facebook account, do share when you get around to making them. Would love to see them ? ~Kimara~

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