W.I.P. Crocheted Kitty Cat

W.I.P. Crocheted Kitty Cat

Saturday, I saw an adorable crocheted Kitty Cat at Little Woollie. (Adorable blog, BTW.) I thought the Little Lady would love it. Now, I’m not saying I’ve never held a crochet hook before, I even made Crocheted Ball Ornaments for Michelle this past Christmas:

but I’m certainly a crocheting noob. When I read over the directions, there were many terms I didn’t understand. So, I linked to the pattern on Facebook, and asked our experienced crocheters for their opinion… do you think I can pull this off? Everyone was so encouraging, I went out and got yarn for the project before I chickened out.

Well, it has been an adventure 🙂 I’ve been crocheting close to my computer, because I have to keep looking up stitches, and I’ve even watched a few videos on YouTube. For the most part, I’m pretty happy with it. Sure, I’m having some problems. For example… I’m having a heck of a time starting circles.

And I have questions… how do you stop the slip stitch from slipping when you start a circle… how do you count stitches… how much tension do you keep on the yarn as you are working?

My Grandma Pearl taught me to knit when I was very young. She also crocheted, but she made things like toilet roll covers and kitchen towel thingies, and I never bothered having her teach me beyond a granny square. I REALLY wish I had! Although I know I’ll get better with practice, there is nothing like sitting next to an experienced craftsperson, that can help guide your hands, and share the tricks of the trade!

But, all in all, I am pretty excited about the way it is turning out. It isn’t exactly like Jules’ at Little Woollie, for example… I wound up not having any space between the cat’s ears, whereas hers does, but I’m thinking it’s an ish thing, and that it will be alright. And, when the wee ones were over yesterday for Sunday Dinner, Pixie told me, “You know, I would like one, too.” So, something tells me I’ll get more experience, and that’s the best teacher, or so the adage says 🙂



  1. I am in love with this kitty! The colors you have chosen are fantastic! What a great way to use up some leftover yarns!

    1. It took more yarn than I thought it would… almost a whole skein for the body. But the accent pieces certainly can come from leftover projects!

    2. Just tried this method… it is so easy and my circle looks so good! Thanks again, Tina… you are my hero 😉

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