Lily Pads and Water Lilies

Lily Pads and Water Lilies

Three selfish frogs learn a valuable lesson about sharing from a toad and a very scary thunderstorm in Leo Lionni’s It’s Mine. I created the pattern for the Water Lily and the Lily Pads to extend the story but you can certainly use these for decorating or adding to a nature table. I made 3 lily pads and 1 water lily and laid them on a blue play silk, but you can make enough lily pads to cover an entire pond 🙂 These have become a favorite with the grandbabies. Enjoy! 


green felt
embroidery floss
It’s Mine Pattern (pattern includes lily pads for felt and  frog and toad for wood)

1] Print the It’s Mine Pattern.

2] Cut out 2 pieces for each lily pad. I made 3 lily pads using 2 different greens. (How to Cut Out Felt)

3] Using a blanket stitch, sew the 2 pieces of lily pads together using a blanket stitch.


white/off white roving
embroidery floss
balls for wrapping 2″, 3″, 4″

NOTE: I planned to make 3 layers of petals, thus I used 3 balls. When I was done, I felt the water lily was too big for my project, so I wound up using only 2 balls; the 2″ and the 3″. The more you use though, the fuller the flower will be.

1] Choose the balls you are going to felt over. Think graduated sizes.

2] Follow steps 1 – 10 of our Felted Eggs for general directions on how to felt around a form. Note: I LOVE to hand felt in water. If you prefer, you can felt in the washing machine.

3] Using string or yarn, wrap the string around the ball, dividing it into 8 equal sections.

4] Using a disappearing marker, mark along each string from the top down about 2/3 the way.

5] Remove the string.

6] Using very sharp scissors, cut along each mark. Remember, do not cut the bottom third of the flower.

7] Using a fingertip or thin rag, dip in water and gently tap petal edges removing disappearing ink.

8] When you have cut your petals, place the smaller one inside of the larger one. (If using 3 sizes, place the small and medium petal in the large petal.)

9] French knot the 2 or 3 petals together using 6 strands of floss. Make one French Knot in the middle of the bottom, and 6 more knots circling the center knot.

To display:
Arrange the 3 lily pads in a circle and place the water lily in the middle.



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  1. I will make these (for my miss lily!). Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. What a wonderful little lilly pad!

    Can’t believe you have to put a disclaimer at the bottom – what is the world coming to?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to share.

    1. I know the disclaimer seems so silly BUT early on we received a couple of emails that prompted the action. The vast majority of people are wonderful, but it is the few that can ruin a good thing. So, our disclaimer is like our site… light and fun… but it does caution people to craft at their own risk 😉 

      We love sharing our work. We are delighted to find so many others that enjoy our projects. Thanks!  

      1. 🙁 some people are not happy unless they are moaning. Thank you again for sharing your lovely ideas and taking the time to. If I make a mistake making an item then at least I will learn from it and enjoy the process of getting to the finished item.

  3. Thank you for the pattern! I needed a doily of sorts to set a jim shores frog bowl on. It kept scratching my coffee table. This is perfect! This is a wonderful website!

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