Little Guy’s Quilt

Little Guy’s Quilt

I must admit I’ve been a slacker the past few weeks enjoying some guilt free R and R. Although I’m not done slacking completely, I do need to get a few projects done and start making plans for the fall. The first order of business… make a baby quilt for the Little Guy. He is due August 31 and I have a few other projects I want to make for him (and, of course, a couple for the Little Lady so she doesn’t feel left out!) so I need to get to work!

I have this wonderful piece of fabric that I bought before Little Lady was born. I was going to make her a quilt, but then Michelle did, so I’ve kept this fabric put away for the next baby in the family. It is a wonderful print in J. Wecker-Frisch’s “Woodsy Wonders” collection. Adorable, right? Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is still available. (If you know of a source, I’d love a link 🙂

I plan to use this fabric as the backing, and make a simple diagonal striped quilt front using these colors.

I haven’t decided whether I want all the edges finished or leave one side of each strip unfinished so it will fray. I also want to add some of the Woodsy Wonder print on the front… not sure how I’m going to do that either. I’m sure it will come to me as I start working! One way or another, I’ll take plenty of photos and turn this into a tutorial 🙂 

Actually, I made a diagonal quilt for the gnome house a few years ago 🙂 Directions for this wee quilt can be found HERE.

Enough work for one summer evening! Off to take a dip in the pool before bed. Life is good 🙂



  1. Hi there,

    Am sitting here looking out at yet another wet and gloomy summers day (well this is England!) and just wanted to say how much your qweb site cheers me up and offers a constant source of inspiration! I never thought I could sew until I began following some of your simple felt projects now theres nop stopping me, my husband has had to turn our spare room into a craft room. After suffering with a bout of depression finding a hobby has been a huge help! Thank you sooo much for making the crafts so easy to follow!

    Emma x

    1. Hi Emma. I'll trade you a handful of our dry 95 degree days for a lovely wet and cooler day! This year has been unbearably hot and we are in the middle of a terrible drought. We wouldn't find rainy the least bit gloomy 🙂

      I am so glad you found us and am tickled to know that we've had a hand in inspiring you. Trust me when I tell you, our readers constantly inspire us to create and share, and on many occasions, have helped me through some rough days. Isn't the web wonderful? It gives us a chance to connect with so many wonderful people.

      Make sure to check in with us from time to time and let us know what you are up to. I'm always anxious to hear what our readers are working on.

      (Tucking some sunny days in with this message 😉


  2. This fabric is still available, just type it in the search bar on your computer.

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