Mini Pumpkin Patch

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m not sure how ours could have been any better! But with the very last hurrah of summer over, we are ready to roll up our sleeves, and seriously ponder autumn! And what could be more autumn than pumpkins? I crafted these little guys to go in our gnomes’ pumpkin patch, but they could just as easily go in a dollhouse, or be tucked here and there around your house.

These little cuties can be made out of calico or felt. I’ve shown the completed pumpkins in both materials. The wool felt pumpkins will be slightly larger since you do not need to turn under a seam, but for the most realistic pumpkin patch, you’ll want a variety of colors and fabrics. These range in size from 1 1/2″ – 2″ but you can enlarge the pattern and put them together in the same way. The technique is easy and suitable for a beginner crafter. So, if you’d like your own Mini Pumpkin Patch you can find it HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy! 



  1. These are so cute. So tiny. My nieces birthday is this week and she has a small gnome house. I think these are a must make. Thanks for yet another delightful idea.

  2. I love these pumpkins! I hate to carve pumpkins for the
    same reason I hate flowers in a vase… I feel that they
    are doomed. I hate seeing roting pumpkins. I think that these are great and they would be fun with faces if they are larger!
    So dont you think that they could be make with plastic too? Or oil cloth? For a bit of weather control??
    So fun! Thank you.

  3. These are so sweet. I saw these on Living Craft’s facebook wall. Your site is a true find. I’ve only scratched the surface and I’m in love. All these free patterns. Man, oh, man! Beautiful. I’ll be back a lot.

  4. these are great. Thanks so much for again generously posting the pattern. I’ll have to bookmark this page for when our autumn comes around – my headspace is in Spring. Thinking of making some ‘budbabies’…

  5. My son’s gnomes will be busy making pumpkin pie and jack-o-lanterns this fall! The felt leaves will also be a fun fall decoration.

    I would love to know how to make the felt trees that are in some of your posts.

    Thank you!

    1. If you can sit tight I plan to share the felt trees a little closer to Christmas… pine with snow and all. In the meantime, have fun helping your gnomes get ready for fall and Halloween!

  6. It seems like about a million years ago, but I know it was just 13 or so, I made a large one of these. We used a cinnamon stick as the stem and craft wire twirled at the top like the vine. Maybe I’ll post it’s picture once I dig it out.

    I like your tiny patch better! Love the pattern too. 🙂

    1. Oooo. Make sure to link to your pumpkin with you dig it up! And, yes, it is that time of year… my favorite time of year. Merriment abounds 😉

  7. These are SOO cute! I’m constantly blown away with how many amazing projects you manage to put out! Time machine tutorial please! =) Yay for fall crafts! I’ll be linking.

    1. LOL… I’ll get right on the time machine. Did you have a color preference 😉

  8. I love these little pumpkins, need them for our Thanksgiving table!

  9. I love how you made the stem on these. And those leaves are so cute! I’m including this in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

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