My Craft Room Tour

My Craft Room Tour


It’s always fun to get a peek at other people’s crafting spaces. I am so very fortunate to have a whole room of my own. Here’s my craft room. It is in our basement. I opted to leave my ceiling unfinished and spray painted it white. This gives the room a lot of light and makes the room feel larger. 

One of my walls has bookshelves that span the entire wall. You will noticed that they are totally filled. Oh, the joy! The wee ones come over and I usually have all of the supplies necessary for any craft they want to do.

Around the room, I have little things here and there that just make me smile. This beautiful needled felted fairy was a gift from Daria Lvovsky.  I am working on collecting other people’s work for my walls, too.

I have a large bulletin board that I kept from the days when I ran a preschool. Not only do I use it to display the children’s work, it’s wonderful to pin up design ideas and patterns I am working on.

I am forever grabbing bags to put unfinished projects in or to loan to friends for transporting something they are working on. Our Wee Folk Art gnome bags, from Cafe Press, seem to leave the house and are never returned 🙂 I’m okay with that. Around here we love to share a little Gnome Love 🙂 

Here’s my “Mr. Rogers'” chair. When I need a comfy chair to curl up in or want to thumb through one of the many craft books I keep here in my craft room, it calls to me. You can see two sweaters hanging on the pegs… one for me… one for a friend. One even has a zipper on it. I smile and think of Fred Rogers ever time I put it on 🙂

I even have closet for storing big things like bags of roving, ironing boards and the like. It is under the stairs so it isn’t large, but it does a fine job of hiding the messy looking things. Notice the buttons, too. This is just a small part of my collection of buttons. I love buttons 🙂

One of my favorite things in my space are the two tables Tim made for me. They are both 4′ x 8′ and tall. Art stools can slide under them. Also notice the ends of the tables. Tim added dowel rods where I can store large rolls of paper for covering the tables or for drawing on, and for easy access to paper towels. Because they are tall, they are easier on my back when working at them. Also, if I need a large space to work on, I simply slide the 2 together and I have a huge work space! You will also notice a hallway to the left. When we did our master bedroom add on this spring, we also had them add a bathroom downstairs. Trust me when I tell you I’m in love with the bathroom. Not only for the obvious reason, but it also has a large utility sink in it for cleaning up after messy projects. Also, through the other door is Tim’s new woodworking shop. We can both come down and work together. With the doors open, we can chat… if we use outdoor voices 🙂

Here is my yarn stash. It is divided by yarn content. It is the only area in the basement without proper lighting. Tim assures me, when he has a free afternoon, he will take care of this. Trust me when I tell you, no complaints here. I love my room and a little shadowing in a corner does not keep me up at night! 

This is the yarn shelf for the wee ones. They can use any of the yarns on this shelf for any project they like. Most of them are inexpensive acrylic yards that we use for crafts over making garments. You’ll also notice an assortment of kids’ crafting supplies that I store over my yarn stash. 

I love my ribbon shelf. Here, I keep the ribbons that are nicely stored on spools. In my closet, I have a large basket full of snippets and bundles of ribbons. 

So, there is a tour of my space. The only negative thing about my crafting room is there are no windows. Because I am easily distracted, sometimes this is not such a bad thing 🙂 Also, I still do much of my hand crafting projects upstairs and leave this space for big messy projects and for when I’m crafting with a group. I feel every so blessed to have this much space and it does make doing the things I do much easier. Thank you, Tim, for all your hard work!







  1. It looks like the perfect space for your amazing projects. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I love it, but one of the nicest things is that when I’m in the middle of a project, I don’t have to clean up. I simply can close a door until I’ve got time to return. I use to spend so much time with set up and take down. I truly appreciate this space 🙂 ~Kimara~


  2. I have a fairly decent craft room, but Wow!  I’m rather envious of all that space – and especially the tables!

    1. Seriously, the tables make the room. Today I was struggling while I was laying out a quilt on the floor. DUH… the tables. It was wonderful being able to stand and lay out the quilt. I’m very fortunate indeed! ~Kimara~

  3. Really super space!!!  showing the husband!

    1. Mostly a collection of shelves, but the tables really make the room special for me. I use to use the floor for laying out patterns and working on quilts. Now, I can do it on the tables. YAY! ~Kimara~

  4. Love all your stacks of colorful felt. My question is, “where do you store all your felt scraps?” Mine seem to be a big jumbled mess! 😀

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