Autumn Gift Wrap with Flower Bow

Autumn Gift Wrap with Flower Bow

It’s fall and you have a gift to give. Why not make the wrappings as beautiful as the gift inside? Below are the directions for creating this autumn gift wrap with flower bow that embraces all that’s lovely in autumn.

autumn gift wrap with flower bow

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go! And you certainly don’t want to go empty handed. So, you make a lovely gift to bring along… say, our Wool Penny Coasters or a set of three autumn colored Knit Basket Weave Dishcloths. Now, to wrap them. There is no reason why your packaging should be any less beautiful than the gift you bring, or any less homemade! Follow our tutorial for a perfect autumn gift wrap, complete with fall flower bow.

This morning we got a last minute invite for dinner at friends. I wanted to bring them a little something, so I hit the cupboard, and grabbed a set of the Wool Penny Coasters. (Note to self… make a new set to replace these. Always nice to have a stash of last minute gifts.) But I wanted to wrap the gift to reflect the season and give it that handmade goodness. It also needed to be done with supplies I had on hand. So, I hit our stash of brown paper bags, (we use reusable grocery bags, but I occasionally brown bag it so I have a few on hand for recycling newspapers and crafting. Anyway…) grabbed a few other things out of the crafting room, and threw together this autumn gift wrap. For you non-sewers, the only sewing done on this was tacking the ribbons and flower on the package. If you really have an aversion to needle and thread, you can hot glue it to the package. Sorry, but you’ll have to at least sew the button on!

Autumn Gift Wrap Materials:

  • gift box
  • brown grocery bag
  • calico fabric for ribbon and petals
  • wool felt for petals
  • button for flower center
  • Wonder Under or other fusible web
  • pattern

NOTE ABOUT PATTERN: I used the pattern of the Memory Flower Bouquet with the following changes. I enlarged the pattern to 150%. Then, the center flower ring, instead of cutting out a circle, I fashioned another set of petals using the outer ring for size.

Autumn Gift Wrap Directions:

1] Make a copy of the pattern, making the changes noted above.

2] Tuck your present inside. 🙂

3] Cut open a brown paper grocery bag. If you would like, iron out the folds. Steaming works great.

4] Wrap your gift.

5] Using a piece of fabric in autumn colors, rip two 1″ strips of fabric. The fabric needs to be long enough to go around the package plus 2 1/2″. Check out Rip and Tear Napkins for tips on ripping fabric.

6] Start by wrapping one strip around the package. Begin and end at the center of the tap of the package. You can use a straight pin to hold to on the package. Just make sure the pin does not hurt the gift inside. Overlap the ends of the strip. Turn the end under 1″. Sew the strip together. Leave the thread attached.

7] For the second strip, attach to the first strip. Wrap the strip around the package, turn the end under 1″, and sew it to the other ribbons. Leave the thread attached.

8] To make the autumn flower, you will be cutting petal 1 and petal 3 out of the fabric you made your ribbons out of. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric for each flower slightly larger than the petal itself.

autumn flower pattern

9] Beginning with petal 1, cut out a piece of fusible web slightly smaller that your fabric. Iron the web to the wrong side of 1 piece of fabric. Remove the paper backing, and place your other fabric piece on top, so the wrong side of the fabric is against the web. Iron together. Do the same for petal 3.

10] Cut out petals 1 and 3 from the prepared and fused fabric.

11] Cut petal  2 and the new petal that you fashioned from the center ring (see above note) out of felt. I used 2 different colors.

12] Stack the flower in the following manner: petal 1, petal 2, petal 3, and the center petal. Choice a button, place in the center of the flower petals, and sew the button on, going through the 4 layers of petals.

autumn flower pattern tutorial

autumn gift wrap making the flower bow

13] Using the thread still attached to the strips, sew the flower to the package by tacking the flower to each of the four ribbon strips in the center.

14] Gently “fluff” the flower by pinching the petals with the fusible webbing inside.

You know have a lovely, handmade autumn package… inside and out!


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