No Charge for Awesomeness!

No Charge for Awesomeness!

Monday morning we unveiled our new website. So, of course, we’ve got about 3 weeks of “tweakage” ahead of us. You know about “tweakage”. It’s the little changes that take something from great to awesome. And since Michelle and Tim work for free… to quote Po from Kung Fu Panda, “There is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness.” Lucky for me 🙂

Anyway. I loved the site but there were a couple of things I missed. Then, Jesse, one of our readers commented on Facebook…

“I am so excited for you guys on your new shop! And I’m excited to see it 🙂 I love your logo dolls, but miss the warm colors and the three generations crafting together. Congratulations!”

And we had to agree with her. So, Michelle got back to work, added a couple more gnomes to our logo, AND put back the tag line “Three Generations Crafting Together”, which is very appropriate, because since Fairy found out we were having a shop, she has started knitting coasters to sell 🙂

Anyway… we are still looking for opinions and suggestions. But I think we are pretty close to done!



  1. Hi Kimara – This is my first time visiting your newly redesigned site, and I think it is a perfectly updated version of your old site. It feels brighter, more modern, and I find it easier to look at. Well done! and Thank you!! – Sophie

    1. Thanks! As administers, we still have access to the old design. I truly loved it. It felt like home. But I've been transforming my real life environment… reducing clutter and bringing in lighter colors. It is only natural that our website would follow suit 🙂 When I go back now and look at our old site I feel claustrophobic! It was time for a change, and I think Michelle did a wonderful job. Nice to know we didn't waste money on her college education 😉

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