Noisy Nora

Noisy Nora

I have some bad news to share… Last evening I was working on Part Two of Noisy Nora. I was sitting at the computer, banging away at the keyboard, my two Yorkies were curled up on my crafting table, and the two pups… soon to be 5 months old, were running in and out of the house to our enclosed deck and dog run. Pretty standard fair. Tim turned around and started chuckling.

“Oh, look. Now their playing keep-away with a dried leaf.”

“Sweet”, I said, absorbed in my writing.

I didn’t process Tim’s, “Oh no” until it was followed by, “I’m so sorry, Kim.”

I stopped what I was doing, and reluctantly looked.

There, in his hand, was the leaf they were playing keep-away with. Only it wasn’t a leaf… it was Noisy Nora. As a matter of fact, Father, Mum, Kate and Jack were also missing in action. We found pieces; some in the dog run, some on the deck, a random tail or ear on the family room floor, and we have to assume, the rest of the body parts were ingested!

I remained relatively calm considering I’m a woman on the edge right now. I called Michelle. She said, “Oh… you should post of picture of the decimation.”

“No”, I said. I would rather Noisy Nora was remembered as she was… full of life and mischief, not this broken and almost unrecognizable mass of matted alpaca fur!”

So, it seems for the time being, Noisy Nora has been silenced. Fortunately, I took pictures of the process, and I have her photos from the previous post to remind me of her and to write up the tutorial. I will get Part Two up shortly. Unfortunately, with my unbelievably busy schedule, I may not get back to remaking the mouse family until the Fall, and I can’t make clothing for them until I have little mouses to model for me. If you have been waiting to do this project, at least I’ll be able to have a tutorial on making the mice, sans clothing, soon.



  1. I can’t imagine losing them after putting all that work in. Naughty puppies! I feel your loss.

    1. I’ve been there a time or two. Puppies always know what is off limits then they proceed to destroy it. But I’ll bet they were really cute playing with it…

  2. so sorry about your little friends! nora sure was cute. guess the pups thought so, too. 😉

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