Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern

Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern

Today we are making this traditional Waldorf style Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern. You can use your child’s art work or scrap book paper for this project.

When I was updating our homepage last week to showcase candle projects, I was surprised to find that we have never shared this project on Wee Folk Art before. Over the years I have made many of these Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lanterns using my kids left over watercolor paintings and they appear in the background of many of our photos, but they were never the “star.” 😉 So we are sharing our Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Tutorial. They are easy to make and once you get the hang of it, you will be on the hunt to find pretty papers to turn into paper star lanterns.


Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Tutorial

Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Materials

  • Thick paper (scrapbook paper or watercolor paintings) large enough for an 8-12 inch square
  • Scissors
  • Battery operated tealight

Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Directions

Start with a sheet of craft paper or an old watercolor painting. It needs to be large enough to create an 8-12 inch wide square.


With the painting side down, fold one corner up and align the top edge so that you create a triangle. Trim off the excess to create a square.


Unfold the triangle and refold in the other direction so that you make a crease along the opposite diagonal.


Unfold again and flip the sheet of paper over. Fold the paper in half to create a rectangle with the wrong side out. Unfold and repeat in the opposite direction. You are creating crease that fold in the opposite direction of the diagonal creases.


Unfold and flip the sheet of paper over so that the right side is facing down. Fold in one of the horizontal creases to create a triangle shape.


Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Creating the Eight Wings

Rotate the triangle so that the point is facing down. Carefully fold one corner in so that the side aligns with the center crease in the triangle.


Repeat with the three other sides. You will have four “wings.”


Cut off the overhanging edges. (Note: If you were to unfold the sheet of paper now it would look like an octagon).


Unfold one of the wings.


Carefully invert the fold. The crease that was on the outside edge will become an interior edge.


Instead of having one “wing,” you should now have two.


Repeat three more times. You should now have eight “wings” that will be the base for our watercolor folded paper star lantern.


Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Creating the Star Points

Carefully fold the star back into a triangle shape to hold it together. You now need to set creases at the top of each wing. Fold the top corner down so that side aligns with the middle crease.


Unfold and repeat with the other seven wings.


Invert each new crease so that you create the star points.


Fold the diamond shape closed so that there are four wings on either side.


Fold each of the open corners in so that it creates a straight edge with a triangle shape pointing to the center. Repeat seven more times.


Fan out each star wing. The new top triangles will fold towards the inside.


Carefully open up your star base.


To set the bottom, insert your hand into the top opening and gently push down on the bottom point. It will begin to flatten out.


When you are happy with the height of your folded paper star lantern, flip it upside down and set creases to maintain a flat bottom.


Flip it right side up.


Add a battery operated tea light candle.

Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern Directions


The Watercolor Folded Paper Star Lantern looks great paired with the Ombre Rainbow Tissue Paper Lantern.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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