Pinwheel Ornaments :: Easy to Make!

Pinwheel Ornaments :: Easy to Make!

Learn how to make felt pinwheel ornaments and bring a splash of color and whimsy to your Christmas tree this year. Easy and fast. Perfect holiday gift.


Today we are sharing a tutorial for making pinwheel ornaments. These have got to be the easiest ornaments to make… EVER! Basically, you cut felt and sew on a button. I only made 6 of these for Michelle’s tree, but if I get the time, and trust me you don’t need much time, I’d like to make a few for my tree, too.

If you love to make gifts for friends, teachers, etc. this is the way to go. They look so absolutely smashing on a tree that no one will suspect how easy they are to make. Enjoy!

pinwheel ornaments pattern

Materials for making Pinwheel Ornaments

  • Felt (100% wool or a wool blend will do.)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Buttons
  • Pattern

Directions for making Pinwheel Ornaments

Note: For suggestions on working with felt, before you begin you may want to read our post on How to Cut Our Felt.

Make a copy of the pattern. Cut out 1 large square and 1 small square for each pinwheel ornament. Center the smaller square on the larger square.

pinwheel ornaments-cut out-545wm

Lay the pattern for the large square on top of the two pieces of felt. You can pin the pattern to to felt to stop them from moving. Cut along the dotted lines. You do not want to cut the center section.

pinwheel ornaments-pattern-545wm

pinwheel ornaments-cut-pattern-545wm

pinwheel ornaments-felt-cut-545wm

Take a corner and bring to the center. Tack in place. Note: Make sure you overlap the center enough so when you tack the corners you are going through both corner pieces of felt.

pinwheel ornaments-tack-1-545wm

Rotate the pinwheel clockwise (or counter clockwise… just make sure you do it the same each time) and tack the next corner to the center. Continue rotating and tacking until all 4 corners are secured in the center.

pinwheel ornaments-tack-2-545wm

Place your button on the center. If the corner points extend beyond the button you can clip them off. Just be sure you don’t clip the center tacking stitches. Securely sew the button to the center of the pinwheel ornament.

pinwheel ornaments-button-545wm

pinwheel ornaments-done-1-545wm

Use 6 strands of embroidery floss to create a loop for hanging. (Make sure your piece of floss is about 12″ long.) To do this enter a corner from the back of the pinwheel ornament, making sure to go through the both pieces of felt. Make a small stitch on the front and bring the floss back through the back.

pinwheel ornaments-tie-1-545wm

Holding the 2 ends of the floss together, knot the thread creating a loop that is about 4″ long. Clip off the extra floss.

pinwheel ornaments-tie-2-545wm

Ready for the tree!

pinwheel ornament-tree-1-545wm




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