Post-Its :: February 13, 2015

Post-Its :: February 13, 2015

Banner Images (left to right) Katwise, Million Little Stitches,Снежана Костина, Alida Akers

 POST-ITS is a weekly feature on Wee Folk Art where we share some of our favorite posts from the week taken directly from our Wee Folk Art’s Facebook page. We encourage you to share some of your favorite finds from the week. It might be something you’ve seen on the web or something you’ve blogged about or something you just added to your shop. Just tell us a little bit about your find and share a link in your comment.


Carousel Coat Pattern

Source :: Katwise


I’ve have long looked at coats/sweaters like these and drooled… and dreamed… because the finished coats/sweaters are too dear for my budget.

It never occurred to me to check and see if anyone had a pattern for them. Well, these extremely awesome designs from Katwise are available as an ebook. (You can also buy the finished sweaters from Katwise.)

Imagine the fun of collecting and repurposing sweaters to make a one-of-a-kind creation!

I adore these sweaters. They are so whimsical and I’d love to own one… perhaps it’s time I made one!


Photo available from the Etsy shop Katwise

How to Make Fiber Books

Source :: Million Little Stitches

I spend a lot of time looking at art journaling sites. They are such a wonderful combination of artist and personal expression. I must admit, before today, I had never heard of a Fiber Book. I’m not sure if it is a “thing” or a very unique concoction by Maya over at Million Little Stitches. Either way, I am smitten!

Oh, how I wish I could see these in person and flip through and run my hands over each page. They look delightful!

Isn’t this awesome? Does anyone else know anything about “Fiber Books”? If so, please share links. I am so intrigued! 


Photo from Million Little Stitches

Most Adorable Owl… Ever

Source :: Мастер Турченко Аня

enough said


Photo from Мастер Турченко Аня via LiveMaster

Felted Boots

Source :: Снежана Костина

From time to time I have posted links to felted slippers, clogs and even fair shoes, but when I saw these today, I knew I had personally stumbled onto something new… at least for me. When I saw these felted boots I instinctively turned to Tim, who occupies the computer next to me, to say “Holey Moley, aren’t these swell?” If I’m judicious in what I jump up and down about, sometimes said item will appear in the mail a couple of weeks later.

Sadly, Tim was no where to be seen. Of course he does read all my posts, so who knows… but I digress.

Anyway, since Tim is not here at the moment, I will say this to all of you… “Holey Moley, aren’t these swell?”

Just by happenstance, this post and the one before come from the Russian site “Livemaster”. Our reader, Lee Baldwin, called it Russia’s Etsy, and I have to say some of the most exquisite projects I’ve seen, are found on this site.

Anyway… visit the site and check out these boots. The uppers are all felted, and look at the workmanship. Love the colors… love everything about these! 

NOTE: The page is in Russian. If you don’t have a translator on your computer I highly recommend you install one. They are free and open up the world. Sadly, I can’t tell you how to do it. Every browser handles it a bit differently. If you can’t figure it out, throw yourself on the mercy of someone that can. Although translations can be quite “iffy” it at least gives you a good idea of the content. 

I believe in magic… do you think if I wish really, really hard I’ll look down and they will magically be on my feet? Let the wishing commence. 


Photo from Снежана Костина via Livemaster

Storybook Cottage Paintings by Alida Akers

Source :: Alida Akers


I have fallen in love with the watercolors of Alida Akers. Inspired by children’s books of yore, this contemporary artist’s work is alive with color and a thick slice of a fantastical life! 

You can check out her gallery of her work at Daily Paint Works HERE

THEN… you can visit her Etsy shop Stone House Artists and find many of her original paintings for sale HERE. My birthday wish list is growing longer and longer! 


Photo from Alida Akers

Doctor Who Scarf :: 4th Doctor

Source :: Doctor Who Scarf

There was a time when only the geekiest among us knew anything about Doctor Who. I grew up watching Doctor Who, and the 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker, WAS my favorite.

Today, you still may not watch Doctor Who, but you would have to live under a rock not to have at least seen the Tardis somewhere! (You know… the blue police box that’s bigger on the inside, or to quote Clara Oswald, “Smaller on the outside”.) 

Anyway, since that time, Bug has now gotten into Doctor Who, and although he’s only watched the new shows, he’s done his history and knows about all the Doctors, the evolution of the Cybermen and Daleks, and the complete history of the Time Lords.

There is actually a “crafty” reason for this discourse… I’ve decided that for Christmas, I want to knit Bug the 4th Doctor’s long scarf. Although there were several versions of it over the years, it is an icon symbol of the 4th, much like a fez and bowtie are of the 11th. (Bowties are cool!)

To all of you that have absolutely no idea of what I’m talking about, I do apologize. Although Doctor Who is much more main stream today than it ever was, if sci-fi is not your cup of tea, then it would still hold no interest to you. 

But, if you are a fan, you might be interested in knitting your very own 4th Doctor’s long scarf. Visit The Doctor Who Scarf site for everything you could want to know about the scarf including directions for making your own HERE.

BTW… sorry Tom Baker, but my heart now belongs to David Tennant! What can I say… I’m a sucker for a heroes in browncoats 😉


Photo from Doctor Who





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