Pretty Insides – A Flat Fell Seam

Pretty Insides – A Flat Fell Seam

EDIT: When originally posting this blog I erroneously referred to the Flat Fell Seam as a French Seam. My age addled brain “oopsed”. I have since corrected this mistake and have magically changed all references to the French Seam to now read Flat Fell Seam! 

I received my first degree from Michigan State University back in the mid 70s. I had a professor that taught a sewing class that would always say, “Darling, your clothes should look just as nice in the inside as they do in the outside.” We had to learn various ways of finishing seams… pre surger, which I’m sure she would have hated anyway… and how nice a garment looked on the inside was the difference between an “A” and a “B” on a project. Over the years I’ve been tempted to take shortcuts, but every time I do I feel like my project isn’t quite done. So, thanks a lot professor… hmmm, forgot her name but not her passion… for making me a “finishing” nut!

One of my very favorite ways to finish a seam is called a Flat Fell Seam. Look at the seam running up the inside leg of your jeans. Chances are you’ll see a Flat Fell Seam. They are also often found on sleeves on nice shirts. At one time it seperated “cheap” from “classy” clothes. Anyway, it does add a couple of steps to a project, but the end results are incredible. The unfinished edge of a seam is sewn inside the seam itself. They are quite easy to do, and well worth learning. I used a Flat Fell Seam on Pixie’s new skirt. Before sharing the skirt pattern, I’m posting a tutorial on making a Flat Fell Seam. You do not need to use it to make the skirt, but once you do, and see how lovely it looks, you’ll be hooked. And remember, “Darling, your projects should look just as nice on the inside as they do on the outside”! The Flat Fell Seam tutorial can be found in the FREE Open Pattern section. Enjoy!


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