The Problem with Pinterest

The Problem with Pinterest


Like many people, I love Pinterest. It is a wonderful way to bookmark projects, recipes and clothing that you may actually make/buy some day. It also is a place to dream. People pin things for their dream house, their dream weddings and in Tim’s case, his dream shop. All good.

The problem comes when you are ready to turn your dream into reality. Case in point… my master suite. For a while I have been pinning room ideas for the day we would actually add an addition. Well, that day is here, and I pour through my Pinterest Home Front board and my more recent Master Suite board. I wish to point out that I didn’t actually look at the cost of anything I was pinning… I was just dreaming!

Reality check. Guess what? I can’t afford to do everything I dreamed of doing! The $7,000.00 ambient lit whirlpool is NOT in our budget. I’m not complaining, mind you. I am getting a whirlpool which my arthritic back with thank me for, but it’s just a moderately priced tub. No, it does not sing to me or provide a light show or fizz like a newly uncorked bottle of champagne, but I don’t think I’ll care when I’m submerged, and jets of hot water pelt my aching joints.

Another disappointing discovery was the bathroom vanity I had fallen in love with. It was from Pottery Barn, and as it turns out, costs around $2,000.00. ((Gulp… shiver… then tear up.)) For as much as I love it, there is NO WAY I’ll pay that much. Here, though, is where I really luck out.

Tim: I can make that.

Me: How much will it cost?

Tim: Around $300.00.

Me: You know, you’re my hero.

Tim: ((puffing out his chest)) I know.

So, my knight in shining armor has taken a day off work, and as we speak, is working on my Pottery Barn knock-off vanity. God, I love that man! Of course, there are many things Tim can’t make, and many other compromises I’ll have to make, but that’s okay. The ideas I collected on Pinterest are a good STARTING point. It’s actually rather fun trying to figure out how to accomplish the same look for less!

If you use Pinterest, are you a dreamer, a realist, or a little of both?





  1. I am totally a realist. I only pin things that I have a remote chance of making or buying. If it doesn’t meet that criteria, I rarely pin it.

    1. Although I tend to pin lots of things, it does get confusing when I want to find something specific. I probably should have a couple boards that are reserved for things I know I want to do!

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