Running Mouse Applique Block

Running Mouse Applique Block

This is the little mouse that is running up our stairs. The kitty had been on the stairs for a couple of years when Bug decided it should be chasing a mouse. So, tah dah, a mouse! I like to think they are in a well spirited, playful game of chase, and once "tagged", the mouse turns around a chases the kitty! (Although, personally, I’ve yet to see that happen… but it might!) Anyway, here is the applique of our Running Mouse. Perhaps a little plain on his own, BUT, next week I’ll share something I made with the kitty and the mouse that has a bit more pizazz.

This mouse does not fit well on a 6" x 6" block… it needs to be a little longer, but the proportions are the same. As always, it can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. If you would like the Running Mouse Applique Block it can be found HERE or with our FREE Appliques. Enjoy!



  1. The mouse and the cat are both so sweet! Onto my list of things to do they go! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. I love mice. I have crafted many. I will make this one. Thanks for so many choices of nice crafts.

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