Knight and Squire Tutorial – Part 3 – Squire

Knight and Squire Tutorial – Part 3 – Squire

Whether there is a dragon that needs taming or a kingdom that needs protecting, you’ll surely want a knight, or better yet, several, to keep the lands safe. And, it’s very important to have a supply of squires, willing and eager to learn the skills necessary to become a knight.

This tutorial has 3 parts:
Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Crafting the Knight
Part 3 – Crafting the Squire (below)


IMPORTANT: When sewing pieces together, whether using a running, blanket or whip stitch, seam should only be 1/8”. If you make seams larger, the clothes will not fit. The small seam allows the clothing to lay better on the dolls. If you want to make the seams a little larger YOU MUST CUT THE PATTERN PIECES OUT A LITTLE BIGGER. You might want to experiment by making a pair of pants out of inexpensive felt and try sewing them on a doll before you cut out all your pattern pieces. 

Read Part 1 – Getting Started
Read Part 2 – Crafting the Knight

Follow the directions in Part 2 for making the pants.

Follow the directions in Part 2 for making the shirt.

Pin the 2 pieces of the hood together. Using a blanket stitch and 2 strands of floss, sew together along the 2 seam lines. NOTE: The scalloped bottom and circular opening for the face are not stitched together.

Using a blanket stitch and 3 strands of floss, stitch along the inner circular edge.

NOTE: After the wee ones played with the squires for a while we found that the hoods were often taken off and went missing. Also, they were getting stretched out being taken on and off. Because these dolls were not designed to be dressed and undressed, we decided to glue the hoods on. Certainly not necessary but it’s worked for us. If you would like to do this, put the hood on and pull it down so the hood is touching the upper head. Put a dot of crafting glue under the hood on the front and back and squeeze until the glue sets. (Knight pictured)

Pick 3 different colors of floss. Holding them together and working them like 1 piece of yarn, make loop 4” from end.

Make a chain on your finger or using a size E crochet hook that is 5″ long. Pull through the end when 4” remaining.

Using a square knot (right over left, left over right) tie the belt to the squire’s waist, pulling tight enough that it slightly gathers the shirt.

Tie off the 2 ends individually, leaving 1″ of unchained floss between the chain and knot. Cut off extra thread below the knots.

Using pattern as a guide, fold and stitch up 2 sides using a running stitch and 2 strands of floss.

Fold over flap and sew a running stitch close to the fold using 2 strands of floss. This will keep the flap closed.

Blanket stitch along the flap of the satchel using 3 strands of floss.

Fold the strap lengthwise and using a running stitch and 2 strands of floss sew the strap together lengthwise.

Using the pattern as a guide, position the strap on the satchel, and sew in place using a whip stitch and 2 strands of floss. Note: Just sew to the back of the satchel. You want to keep the inside of the satchel open for tiny treasures!

Your Knights and Squires are now ready to head off on wonderful adventures. Be on the lookout soon for a tutorial on how to make wooden horses for your knights!
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  1. Any plans later on for a princess to save or a dragon to defeat? No pressure…just curious.

    1. Absolutely! First the horse, than a princess and perhaps a very fiesty handmaid, prepared to defend the realm, too : ) And, of course, we need a dragon!

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